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Top Ten Gifts For Kids This Holiday Season!

   Christmas Gift Guide: Everything Your Kid absolutely needs under their tree!

1) Mip: This is the "toy" that is good for both older kids and adults which is why I put it as number one on the list.  This little guy is a engineering masterpiece, being able to move about the room with ease on two wheels.  He can carry his own weight, and gets himself out of the most precarious situations, avoiding or getting out of obstacles around your living room floor!  There is a great app that lets you control him, as well as play games.  He has a great personality and will keep your kids occupied for hours on end, as well as a robot loving adult! Read Our Review!    Available at Toys 'R Us.

     2)Tipster:  Tipster is THE best robot like toy that I have had the pleasure of discovering this holiday season.  With easy controls, different modes, and a great personality this is the perfect introduction to robotic play.  Read our full review! Available At Toys 'R US

3)     Skylanders Trap Team is the MUST have video game of the season!  The new trapping ability brings the characters from the game into the real world via the crystals that you put on the games portal.  The graphics are outstanding, the plot is filled with fun and adventure, and the gameplay is great for kids of all ages. Read our full review here!  Available At Toys 'R US

4) Zing AirStorm: Zing has been the frontrunner of high action toys including the ever popular bows.  The AirStorm continues to uphold their inventiveness and high quality that keeps them high above the other companies.  With a shooting range of up to 145 feet, Led lights on the bow as well as the arrows, you can have amazing game play in the dark as well as the night! Great for any little archery fan! Available exclusively at Walmart

5) Nerf Zombie Strike and The Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow:  Hasbro and Nerf know how to get the kids (and adults) excited about foam battles with these new Blasters.
With a zombie fight inspired design, these neon green, brown, orange, and black colored blasters can shoot to about 65 feet.  They are safe to shoot at each-other- or a target, and will be sure to lead to a very fun Christmas morning.  I love the whole line, and I want them all!
The Rebelle Agent Bow puts a little feminine flair as well as spy abilities into action with their Rebelle Line.  Available At Toys 'R Us!

6) Crayola: Shawdow FX,  Color Wonder Airbrush, Paint Maker: Crayola year after year comes out with high quality products that will keep your child creative and your mess to a minimum.  This year the Shawdow FX will have them dreaming up ways to brighten their dark walls (read review here)  They can make their own color combinations with the super fun Paint maker. It comes complete with everything you need to make the paint, labels, and containers. It even shakes the paint just like the big machines at Home Depot, so that it mixes completely- it is very fun!   The Color Wonder Airbrush is a mess free way for your kids to make BIG designs.  Battery operated, you put the markers into the airbrush and can use the stencils included, or really any old stencil, to make amazing works of art. They will have a lot of fun with this one, the best thing about it- no mess. Yep you heard me NO MESS! Available at Toys 'R Us

7)Mega Bloks has an array of different things for both boys and girls of all ages!  The HotWheel Line lets your kids build awesome rides, and then play with them afterwords.  The Barbie Fab Mansion lets you build two levels of fun furniture and housewares!  It includes two buildable dolls and is just an amazing set full of creativity!  For the littler ones Thomas comes to the rescue with larger bricks and easy instructions! For whatever character your child craves, Mega Blok has the answer! Available at Toys R Us!

8)Wonder Forge Games: One of the best licensing game companies out there, Wonder Forge has the games you want your child to play with the characters your child wants to see. With easy to follow instructions, as well as games for a child of all age ranges, you will be able to find a game for all the kids in your life.  This season's hottest games include Star Wars Force Grab- Match the cards to the 3d pieces that are thrown onto the table, Ultimate Spiderman TrickShot Duel -use the disc launcher to hit your opponents' targets in this arena battle game, Avengers Assemble Slide Strike- strategy is your friend in this superhero filled game, and Frozen's Surprise Slides (read full review here) which is a great introduction to table top games! Available at Toys R Us!

9)Tiggly Counts: This interactive app works on your ipad and comes with bars with different variations of numbered boxes that interact with the screen. Your child can play three different apps that interact with these bars to help them learn their numbers, as well as counting and addition.  When they place the bar on the screen the amount of squares on the bar pop up on your screen and interact with the app itself.  With amazing graphics, physical interaction, and educational gameplay- you'll be giving the kid a fun toy, and impress the parents of said child by caring about their education- win win lol.
10) Madame Alexander Muppets Puppets: Madame Alexander is an amazing company with over 90 years experience at making dolls that delight children of all ages.  In this house the Muppet Puppet has been a HUGE HIT, and has led to hours of fun for my son and I. Well made with amazing detail and high quality fabrics, this will be one of those items that will have replay value for years to come! 

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