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Play Doh Presents Doh Vinci!


      From the makers of Play Doh comes the "Doh Vinci,"a new way for lovely little ladies to be creative.  With the Doh Vinci Vanity Design Kit your little princess can customize their very own small mirrored vanity in 3D!  Load the Doh Vinci colors into the styler gun and squeeze to release onto the pieces in whatever way you want.  The Doh hardens over night and you can then assemble the pieces onto the vanity in whatever way their hearts desire! The vanity even has a drawer to store whatever they would like in it!
   The kit includes the vanity base mirror, 2 flower piece attachments, other add-on pieces and 4 Deco Pop tubes in different colors.  There is a design tip that you can put on for some texture as well as a sculpting tool and inspiration guide.  It is a simplistic kit but really lets your child's creativity run wild when they personalize it.  After they are done they can add it to their room decor as a functional display of their personalized  art.  The trigger on the styler gun  (which reminds me of a glue gun minus the burning of your fingertips) has an easy pull trigger.  Even with the Deco Pop installed, the gun itself is light weight and leaves little to no mess! Where you place the tip of your trigger is where the Deco Pop goes and the trigger is stiff enough to not have it go everywhere.
    If you have a little DIY crafter in your house who loves color, they will absolutely be in love with this kit.  They will have a blast designing the vanity and will also have a sense of pride and accomplishment after it's done and sitting in their room- hiding their little bits of treasure and using the mirror to do their hair.
     This is such a fun way to expand on the ever popular Play Doh line, that it is really a no-brainer for the holiday season.  A creative way to spend an hour or so that gets your child away from the TV and media devices, and into a world where their creativity leads the way and their imagination can run wild!

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