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Parlicards Educational Fun!


  Parlicards is a new company with a series of big educational fun!  The series of board games and trivia cards are pack filled with facts that will test even the most well versed in subjects such as American Government, U.S. Presidents and Founding Fathers.  Parlicards mascot Dwight D. Duck guides you through these original games that are included in just one box.  Everything is included to have a fun and educational gameplay with friends and family ages 8 and up!  
     The set we received was the Government and Founding Fathers Electoral Edition.  It came with 4 bags of tokens, 2 full decks of question cards, regular playing cards, custom dice and scorecards.  My favorite of the varied gameplay was POTUS which is played like Rummy.  The game is to determine the next president of the USA. Points are earned by correctly answering questions and can be spent at the player's discretion to purchase electoral votes--see where this is going?!?!?  The player with the greatest number of electoral votes becomes the next President ! You can even play in a slightly varied way where you pick a party and running mate and play in teams! 
      The games are well thought out with very detailed instructions.  The gameplay is fun without being frustrating, meaning that you may not know a lot of the answers (it was amazing how long it took my high school political science to kick in) but you are so interested in the answer that you don't mind being schooled- literally- by an opponent or the answer key!

  Want the experience without the board? Get Speak Gov!  This card game is played by correctly defining acronyms!  You can get a Quack card which is basically a get out of jail free card for when you don't know an answer.  The team with the most correctly answered cards win!  

     These games are such fun teaching tools that you will have the whole family playing, laughing and debating answers!  Great for kids and adults who have a interest in political sciences or even for those kids that are having a hard time!  Through fun play you may get your kids to not only understand better, but maybe even have a life long interest!

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