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My Magical Mermaid

My Magical Mermaid

      Let me just start by saying that if I had this when I was a kid, I would be JUST as excited as I am now. Why- because it is awesome, and I have no problem admitting that I play with toys.  The My Magical Mermaid collection is made by Zuru.  Technically a Robo Fish, the mermaid swims in two different swimming patters, up/down  and backstroke.  You change the way she swims by either adding or removing the metal ring that acts as a weight.  Place it on the tail and she will be swimming vertically, and placed on her head it will swim horizontally. There are three different mermaid characters: Shelly (pink hair), Corissa (blonde), and Pearl (purple hair), who have all different personalities that you can learn on the official website.  Place them in the bathtub during bath time and watch them swim around the tub or you can even get a My Magical Mermaid Water Wonderland, which is essentially a fish tank for your mermaid.  The play set has switches on either side that act as
pressure sensors that activates the mermaid when she comes in contact with the water.  It also has a LED light that makes her habitat look like an oasis.  This is every mermaid fan's dream. They swim around and interact with the water like they belong there (which they do) and if you have them in the little tank it makes such a great accent to the room.  The mermaid on her own is my number one top pick for a stocking stuffer this year.  She comes with two extra batteries and three weights.  They are available at CVS, K Mart, Toys R US, and Walmart this holiday season!  I am telling you you will not go wrong with this little mermaid this holiday season!

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