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Mega Bloks Holiday Must Haves!

   Mega Bloks is becoming one of the leaders in building sets for children of all ages.  With sets that fill every age group and both genders, there are an endless array of products for you to choose from this holiday season!
    First up, and by far my favorite, the Barbie World of kits.  We tried out the Build 'N Play Fab Mansion, and it was awesome.  Build the house and all the accessories, and then arrange them to perfection with ease!  Then play with your creation with the mini-figures that come along with the set!  What is even better is your house doesn't stop here!  You can buy more room and kits and keep on adding to your little one's hearts desire!

   Next up is the Hello Kitty line!  For all your little purrrfect kiddos out there, this set is a must have for their holiday surprises!  We received the Fun At The Fair kit.  Along with the Hello Kitty figure and furry pal, you also get to build and interact with two rides and one teddy bear game!  Both rides, a duck carousel and a bow Ferris wheel, move and look just adorable!

      Now for the boys!  For the younger Thomas The Tank engine lover in your life,  the Thomas The Tank Engine Deluxe Starter set has your conductor's name all over it.  Geared for your younger builders, the bricks are bigger than the older kids' sets but that does not make them less fun!  The set includes 130 pieces of fun, and the blocks are big enough for your little one's hands to manage.  The instructions are also geared for the young one's eyes, and with the help of an adult they will have so much fun building Thomas and the Troublesome truck, as well as the work around them. The trains really work on the tracks, and there is a real working coal chute. What else can a kid ask for!

     For the older boys in your life, the Hot Wheels line is really great.  The cars come with a race car driver and really hold up to hard playing!  The set will have any young car fan racing (see what I did there) to build the set, and after it is done, they will be driving them around for hours on end!

     What I love about Mega Bloks other than the variety of the sets, is how age appropriate they are.  If you are buying a set from the toddler line you are getting a product that is for their age range, and that goes for all the other age ranges.  You are not buying a toy that is too old for your child, or too difficult for them. The prices are really reasonable for what you are getting, which is high quality and easy to follow interactive buildable playsets.  The franchise licensing that they have are geared to both girls and boys- which is huge. I mean I would have been so excited to have a Barbie building kit when I was a kid, but they just were not available.  Mega Bloks is a leader in the female geared building sets, and I think that is just swell.  So if you have a little Buildmaster in your home, no matter what age, take a look at what Mega Bloks has to offer.  You will find just what you are looking for! Available at Toys 'R Us.

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