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Madame Alexander Doll Company Babblebabies!

   Babblebabies are the new line of look and feel real babies that will be on every little girl's wish list.  These babies are designed to perfection, measuring 19 inches long and weighing 3.5 pounds, so they really do FEEL like an actual baby. The best part is that they will also ACT like the real thing!  The Babblebabies respond when spoken to with over 80 different sound combinations; giggling, baby banter, growls or anything your newborn does,  these little ones do it as well.  Babblebabies have been worked lovingly on by the team at the Madame Alexander Doll Company until they were perfect. They were previewed at the NYTF, but were not released until they were utter perfection.  This is just one example of the company following their "love is in the details" mantra.  With a company with that dedication you know you are getting a quality product.

       There are six babies within the line, both male and female, all of which would be great for a little one to help prepare for a new sibling or for that special someone who is always playing the mommy in the house.  The dolls are soft and durable enough for constant play, but also are so much like a real baby that you can use them as an educational tool as well.  Available to purchase directly from the Madame Alexander Doll Company's website or at a specialty store near you!

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