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Gryphon House Book: Science-- Not Just For Scientists- A Review


     Does your little one show an interest in science?  Well feed that interest with Science--Not Just For Scientists! This book has everything you need to open your child's eyes to the world of science with easy projects that you can do at home.  Written to support the Pre-K curriculum, this is ideal for kids 3-6 years old.  With seven chapters that cover everything from Patterns to Energy, each chapter has open ended questions, hands on activities and explanations that will have your child exploring the world around them!  What a wonderful way to give your child empowerment and help develop abstract reasoning skills.  They will see how cause and effect really works, change and growth, and patterns in the world around them with the help of this lovely, lovely book.
      The author Leonisa Ardizzone, EdD has been in the science education field for over twenty years and has dedicated her life to helping children learn about science.  This book was written to not coddle your child but to help them (and you) understand that science is amazing!  One of the activities she has created is the Teeny Tiny Yeast, which shows what yeast does through the use of a yeast packet, matzo, and a slice of white bread, was amazingly detailed, yet simple.   It lets your child see instead of just reading what this amazing organism does in kitchens all over the world!

    So if you are a teacher or just an involved adult in a child's life, buy this book and give them the gift of knowledge and understanding.  Who knows where this book will lead them to in the future! 

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