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Girls Gift Guide! Our Top Seven Picks For The Princesses In Your Life!

           We have a TON of great options for girls this season; here are the top seven! They are all tested and approved by everyone here at The Mommy's Guide and are sure to bring smiles to the special girls in your life!

1) Crayola Beadola Bead Maker! This is great for any crafty girl in your home! First, form a small ball and place one of the included grommets on one side of the Beadola unit. Then use the unit to puncture a hole, then add another grommet to the top of the unit and insert it into bead.  Lastly, remove all the excess clay and then use the bead bunch to roll the bead onto one of the twenty four designs included (on four design plates) to get the design you want fully around the bead.  Let it air dry and then glaze it over any way you like!  After that is dry you are done and able to wear the charm on one of the two bracelets included, or to add to any pre-existing charm bracelet you own. A great way for any little crafter to make their own memories, give gifts or just have a wonderful time with!  Available at Toys 'R Us read our full review!

2) Style Me Up's Charmazing is the new craze that hit Toys 'R Us exclusively this November. The all wrapped up kit comes with enough charms and additives, like embroidery floss and beads, to make three bracelets.  There are instructions to walk you through decorating the bracelets, or your child can just use their imagination to make a truly unique fashion accessory.  Each kit has a theme, such as friendship or love, giving them many choices, as well as your ability to give them more kits for birthdays or special events! There is also an app making the Charmazing experience a social one with codes and a collectible card on each charm.  All you need to do is open the app,  create an account and then scan the charms and bracelets by taking a picture of them.  They will then be uploaded onto your app and added to your collection.  The ultimate goal is to be a charm master!  You can also earn points, get combination suggestions and Charm advice like,  "listen to the good people around you."  You can also add friends and earn points for lending your charms to them!

3) The Alex Company Bling Bangles!  This DIY kit includes beads, floss and instructions for your fashionista to make their own stylish bangles!  This is a great gift that girls 7 and up will love.

4) Wonder Forge Surprise Slides!  From the ever-present "Frozen" line, Wonder Forge has come out with an ascetically beautiful and easy to play game for pre-schoolers and up!  The kids will love being immersed in the Frozen world, play as their favorite characters and slip and slide around the board! Here is our full review!

5) Madame Alexander Play Travel Friends: Includes a line of beautiful dolls from around the world!  There are nine 7 inch dolls available from around the world. From Kenya to Russia, these dolls come in international attire, have beautiful hair, bendable knees, and removable shoes.  The box shows the region that they come from as well some things that are common in that country.  They give you some fun facts about the country, as well as tell you how to say hello in their language.  In my eyes you can never go wrong with Madame Alexander and with the buy-one get-one 25% off deal this is a no brainier! Available directly from the Madame Alexander Doll Company website

6)   From the makers of Play Doh comes the "Doh Vinci,"a new way for the lovely little ladies to be creative.  With the Doh Vinci Vanity Design Kit your little princess can customize their very own small mirrored vanity in 3D!  Load the Doh Vinci colors into the styler gun and squeeze to release onto the pieces in whatever way you want.  The Doh hardens over night and you can then assemble the pieces onto the vanity in whatever way their hearts desire! The vanity even has a drawer to store whatever they would like in it!  Available at Toys 'R Us, read our full review!

7) My Magical Mermaid:  One of my top picks, this line has three different mermaid characters: Shelly (pink hair), Corissa (blond), and Pearl (purple hair), who have all different personalities that you can learn on the official website.  Place them in the bathtub during bath time and watch them swim around the tub. You can even get a My Magical Mermaid Water Wonderland, which is essentially a fish tank for your mermaid. Great for any mermaid fan, young or old, and available at Walmart. Read our full review

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