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Crayola Has Everything To Stuff Your Stockings!

     Crayola has everything to bring out your little ones creativity and fill up their stockings!  With washable markers that come both in the thin and thick styles, your child's imagination will soar, but it will only stick to the paper.  Whether they got it on their hands, the floor or the walls you are not to worry! With a little salt and water the mess will no longer cause you any distress and your child can happily continue to color, hopefully quietly, giving you a minute to yourself!

                                                                         Have a little Van Gogh in your home? Well the washable paints and watercolor will be right up their alley!  The eight pack of regular paints last a really long time and not only that, I use them too so they get dual use in my house.  They come off of your furniture, your hands and your cloths with ease. You would think that it was through my son that I found this out, but really it was mess.  I am a very messy painter- my son tells me all the time!  The water color pack reminds me of being a child at my grandmother's....the paint brush in a cup of water, the way the water blends and spreads on the paper, it's amazing that I am sharing this creative activity with my son. Surreal.                                       

       And then there is the Model Magic clay three pack for the little sculptor's in your house.  Colorful and easy to handle, everyone in the house will enjoy making there masterpiece and letting them air dry over night.  When they harden the art will make wonderful additions to the mantle!

    So whatever kind of material your child connects with, Crayola has the right one for you. They will not only be excited when they open it, but will be excited every time they use it thereafter! 

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