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Crayola Beadola Bead Maker A Review!

     This is great for any crafty girl in your home! First, form a small ball and place one of the included grommets on one side of the Beadola unit. Then use the unit to puncture a hole, then add another grommet to the top of the unit and insert it into bead.  Lastly, remove all the excess clay and then use the bead bunch to roll the bead onto one of the twenty four designs included (on four design plates) to get the design you want fully around the bead.  Let it air dry and then glaze it over any way you like!  After that is dry you are done and able to wear the charm on one of the two bracelets included, or to add to any pre-existing charm bracelet you own.
     This is easy to use and includes everything your child needs to start making their own line of beads.  They can really let their creativity flow by mixing up the patterns, using different colored glazes or going nuts and making designs of their own like my niece did!   This simple to use kit will have your kids busy without the need for you to run back and forth to help them out.  They can do everything on their own so you can sit back and relax, or if you must, clean your house.  Added bonus, this leaves a very little mess! Even better is if your kids can handle making the beads they can also handle the clean up--creativity and a life lesson all in one :)!  The kit will see a lot of use, as they can make beads for their friends, family, or for an outfit with ease, ensuring that it will not collect dust in the corner.
There is nothing quite like this out on the market, and with a name like Crayola behind it you know that you are getting high-quality, kid-friendly items that have your child's creativity foremost in their mind!  Happy Bead Making!

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