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Assassins Creed Phantom Blade Replica

 Straight from the Assassins Creed Game and commissioned through the eyes of the Master Todd McFarlene is a cos-players dream-

The Phantom Blade.

   The life-sized Phantom Blade replica looks as if it just popped right out of the Ubisoft hit game serious and onto your arm.  This simulated leather gauntlet fits securely onto your forearm with a sturdy Velcro strap and buckle.  The Cross bow has retractable arms, as well as a dagger that fits right in and shoots with a press of a button.  The functional hidden blade is intricately sculpted, and pops out with another press of a button as wellThis makes it not only a display piece, but a great accessory for any Cosplayers looking to go as Arno for any con or to just sit at home- whatever floats your boat.
  As always McFarlene's commitment to detail has not left us wanting.  From the feel of the foe leather to the detailed engravings on the bow, and daggers, this looks as menacing and beautiful in its 3D version as it does on your screen!

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