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Yowza review!

   Yowza!!! What a great word.   You know what are other great words/  How about "Zoom," "zap," "boom," "bam," and "wham?"  You know what's even better then reading those words? Screaming them out in the high-paced game play that is Yowza, the new card game from Patch Products.  In its simplest description this is your run of the mill discarding game, but we don't do simple and we don't do run of the mill.  Everyone chants the words and if the card you discard matches the word that you just chanted then you get stuck taking the whole pile.  So your goal is to chant "zap, zoom, boom, bam, wham, and Yowza" in any order as long as you say all the words.  Then you hope that the card you slam down is one of the other words in the chant and not the last one you say.  The one who loses all the cards first wins.

     Like I said, not simple at all.  This tongue-twisting, faced-paced game will have you tripping over your words while you try and chant between laughter or trying to prevent all your cards from spilling on the floor.  The brightly colored comic-bookesq style brings the fun and the metal tin gives you storage.  The re-play value is high and the fun does not subside with multiple plays.  The party gets started when you place this deck on the table and tends to keep it going for a while afterwards as well! 

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