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WowWees Winner For This Holiday Season: Tipster The Robot!


     Tipster- I love this robot.  There are a variety of robots coming out this season and we have had the honor of being able to include three of them in this gift guide.  If you have a child between three and five THIS is the robot for you!  This little guy has a fun personality is easy to use and has enough options to keep him interesting for a long time.  This durable, four-wheeled cutie has an easy to use and equally adorable r/c remote that has four buttons; yellow on the left that switches the five modes with ease,  green on the left is how you start each of those modes, and two circular ones in the middle to direct Tipster backwards forward or spin around at will.  He also has a yellow and green button on his head that allows you to switch and choose modes without the remote. (This will come in handy when playing the trick mode with the cylinder.)

        But don't let the simplicity of his looks and controls fool you.  This is a highly advanced robot that can balance and knows when he is carrying something.  Whether it be on his left or right arm or both, Trickster will balance accordingly.  He comes with a cylinder that holds two ladders which attach to his arms easily.  With these you can hang the plastic barrel of monkeys like robots, that are also inside, on either arm and watch him carry them with ease.  One of his modes is a game where you try and get as many on there as you can while Tipster plays timed music another game mode is trying to attach as many as you can while he spins around.  The top and bottom of the cylinder come off to be placed on as trays on Tipsters hands. In another mode he will ask you to place items on his trays then spin him around until they all fling off- who wouldn't find that entertaining!?  Then in his trick mode you put the trays back onto the cylinder, place Tipster on top of it and then press the green button. At that point he will tell you to let go and he will balance himself on the cylinder and move back and forth showing you his sweet, sweet moves. Guys it's really cool.

          What I love most about this product is it is a really advanced robot that is easy to use. I had more trouble getting Tipster out of his packaging then figuring out how to use him.  His personality is adorable and the modes are perfect for children 3 and up. The stacking and balancing that is the main feature of this robot enhances your child's fine motor skills as well as problem solving.  They will be learning without even knowing it!  He is sturdy as well and he should be with the name Tipster because- well he tips!  The replay value is very high and I do not see your child playing it once and getting bored.  The trial and error of balancing and game play leads to a pleather of experiments and the easy driving modes will have you scrambling to get out of his way for hours to come.
    I have no complaints and no negative things to say.   I mean my cats may have a word or too to say about me chasing them about with this friendly robot, but unfortunately I do not speak catish!

     * I reviewed this item for review however my opinions are my own 

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