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The Big Toy Book The Holiday to Play Parrrrrty!

                              The Big Toy Book   The Holiday to Play Parrrrrty!

   Wow what an amazing day I had at the beautiful Hearst Building in NYC for The Big Toy Books presents The Holiday To Play.  I was one of the 100 lucky bloggers able to attend this exclusive--but more importantly fun--event to introduce the public to the toys your kids will want this holiday season!  From 0-adult there is a toy here that you want to play with yourself or definitely want your kids to play with.  
   One of the toys that we were introduced during the NYTF was the lLets Imagine Elmo from Hasbro.  You may remember me screaming from the rooftops that this little guy would be THE Elmo for your kids this Xmas and I was right!  Elmo comes with three hats that unlock different imaginary themes and modes. He is small, interactive and above all else Elmo- you can't lose.

   Another great item coming out will have kids and adults alike interested in is a new version of the classic game Simon.  Simon Swipe is a modern spin on one of my favorite games of all time.  The Transformers Age of Extinction is another one on the lineup I am not surprised to see. This Age of Extinction Stomp and Chomp Grimlock converts easily into a Dino with one easy step, making it an obvious toy for under your tree this year.  For the Littlest Pet Shop fan in your life the new fully customizable and stackable set will be a perfect fun-filled addiction to your child's life.
     Crayola has the toy to beat with the Tweens this year.  Parents my age will remember playing with fashion plates that you mixed and matched then rubbed with colored pencils to make your own outfits.  Well crayola is combining creating your own outfits with their supplies, while  actually watching them walk down your own virtual runway with the Virtual Design Pro Fashion Collection.  Even better they have a car version for the guys in your life--getting to see them speed down the racetrack.
    While we are walking down Nostalgia Lane, my husband as well as countless others are going to be thrilled to see that Funrise Toys are bringing back Pound Puppies in all their '80s glory.  Backtracking into their original type packing these adoptable puppies are ready to go home with you--and to utter amusement they even have the heart embroidery on there tushes.. Yes! 
      Jakks Pacific has a great selection of toys that are listed for great prices.  From their crazy popular singing Elsa Doll to the beautiful Sofia The First, your little princesses will have a lot to scream about when they unwrap that gift!  And can we talk about this three foot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for a second.  It's amazing!  Only sixty bucks and this guy is durable, has moving arms and storage in the shell- sold!

   Cloud-B has some adorable items including the tween inspired globe light. They come in sport ball shapes for the boys in your life as well as fun bright colors for girls.   With their soft glow they put the stars on there walks as they drift off to sleep.  My favorite item from them is the Cosmic UFO. It's a UFO-shaped light that combines moving projections of the northern lights along with "cosmic" sounds.  Not only is it cool looking but the light projections are amazing
     Another company filled with great products is ChizComm.  They have the Magical Mermaid line and it's awesome.  These completely waterproof, beautiful mythical creatures swim around your bathtub or in their own aquarium. They're battery operated, have a metal ring that keeps them swimming vertically or remove it if you want here to swim horizontally- just like a fish. This is my top pick for a little (or older) mermaid lover stocking stuffer.

     Rubies Costume Company has a great lineup this 2014 season with costumes that can last for fun play all year long.  They are vearing away from the princess line and doing a great superhero girl line. They are full of accessories so your little one can pick out exactly what they want to wear while they save the city from frightening foes.  My top pick from this line is the Fula Superman/Batman cape.  They retail for $14.99 and this cape is wonderfully sewn with 
embroidered Superman and Batman symbols on either side with their coordinating colors. I love it. 

  LeapFrog keeps pushing the kid's world of tech with their LeapTv gaming console.  Kids can use the remote in the classical sense, as a Wii-like pointer and also fun body motion play- throwing them in an interactive world of the game.  This is a whole new way to play the hundreds of titles they have that enhance comprehensive learning of math, reading and science.
     Vetch showcased their Kidizoom Smartwatch. It is very, very cool. It's filled with games and a built in camera that takes video and pictures, and oh, it also tells time classically as well as analog.  I think it is just the bees knees!
    The last company I want to mention is Toca Boca.  They are a company that develop amazing apps- the latest is Toca Boo that creates a spooky fun filled world!  The Toca Boca Artist play series is their newest project to expand on their apps.  They invite international artists to create tools of play- the first a line of temporary tattoos inspired by the Toca Boca characters. These are so much fun and better than some real tattoos that I have seen out there.  I love this company's spirit and I expect great things from them.
      The Big Toy Book has done a great job of rounding out the best toys of the season with a variety of age groups and choices so you will find the perfect fit for your child.  The showcase was a wonderful day that just shows how much toys not only monopolize a parents life, but also the people that create and promote them.  The companies represented are the best in the industry and their representatives just show how much thought and care go into creating childhood memories. 

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