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The Amazing Zhus Product Review!


    The Amazing Zhus!  You have seen the commercial and I know what you are thinking; are they really that cool?  Well we got to throw a Magical Meet Up where we had ten kids to help answer that question and the answer is, "Yes, yes they are that cool."  Our Cepia and Mom Select sponsored party gave us a unique opportunity to have a bunch of kids try out the Amazing Zhus and to see how they reacted to one of the top toys to have this holiday season.  

     We had a magic themed party with tiny magic hats filled with chex mix, magic wands and the magic fortune telling fish.  The sample products we received were two stunt mice, a boy and a girl, and one magician mouse complete with his wand.  We also received the magic shell game and the amazing Zhus High Dive!
    All of the Amazing Zhus are motorized pets that come with batteries already included.  The Magician pets come with a

magic wand that the will follow around and three magic cards that they will predict what's on the other side without even looking.  The magician pet also plays the shell game and will find their way to their magical home as well!  The stunt pets perform acrobatics and stunts!  They preform high dives and tight rope walking as well as run around on circus balls and vanish in disappearing boxes. 
     We set up two stations, one with the Magician and the shell game, and the other with stunt pets and the high dive.  The kids took turns leading the mouse with the magic wand, all the while he was making fun noises.  The shell game was an endless source of entertainment.  No matter where they hid the walnut and as many times they switched them around, the Magician found chose the right shell and the kids could not believe it.  Seriously they loved it.  The cards that he came with were also a big hit, especially the dance one. They would hold it up and squeal every time he did the action on the card.  
     The high dive was easy to set up and super durable, and I mean durable.  It was knocked down numerous times by cats and children trying to catch mice and it stayed together.  The mouse attaches securely on a spinning ball, you then place it on top of the dive and he teeters off and on a couple of times.  Applause comes from the mouses speakers and as he finally makes the dive, he goes wheeeee all the way down and rolls down on the floor.  After the dive he continues to make his way on a spinning wheel. They did not get tired of watching it happen over and over again.
    I came into this experience thinking that they would prefer one kind of mouse to the other but honestly they didn't. Each mouse has so much to entertain with that they were equally happy when playing with either one.  From the boys I heard, "These things are soo cool."  They got a huge kick out of every trick they did as well as how they interacted with each toy.  With the girls it was, "Awwww, how cute," and that was my reaction as well. I mean guys the magician has a cute little top hat--it's adorable.  They also just liked watching them wheel around the floor on there own. Getting around the obstacles of an ordinary living room and watching the cat pounce after them.  Everyone had a blast and loved the play experience of the Amazing Zhus.
    We were so fortunate to have to have the chance to see these little guys in action and to see how the kids really did react to them.  To watch not only your kid, but also a bunch of other kids with different personalities  react to a toy with such fun and curiosity was such a joy.  The Amazing Zhus are available at Walmart exclusively and will be a hit for any birthday or holiday present  this season!  

   The Amazing Zhus pets and accessories range in price from $7.99- $24.99 and are recommended for kids 4 and up.  For more information visit, and on Twitter @theamazingzhus 

    I have received free products for the Cepia LLC Sponsored Meet-up. But all opinions are my own!


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