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Big Hero 6 Review!

                                                            Big Hero 6

     Pixar delivers again with their newest flick Big Hero 6. This is a visually creative movie about a young boy, Hiro, trying to find his path from the rough streets of robot fighting to an acclaimed university. He is a brilliant adolescent who faces both tragedy and triumph living in San Fransokyo (combo of Tokyo and San Francisco) in this epic movie that shows both highlights of American cinema and Japanese anime. The movie begins with a brief back story of a child living with his aunt and brother after suffering the loss of their parents.  His brother successfully shows Hiro his potential and gets him to apply, and become accepted, into the most prestigious tech school. Hiro suffers even more tragedy and enlists his fellow classmates and robot Baymax (who really stole the show) in his quest to uncover the truth behind a villainous plot that ****SPOILER ALERT**** resulted in the death of his brother. 
      Hiro teams up with his class to become a team of super hero nerds that use their knowledge to create some crazy "super powers" to try and stop the mysterious figure behind the the evil plot.  It was a fun look at an new superhero team origin story where they were really new to leaving their labs and going to fight the villain.  Baymax was really my focus during the movie, especially in scenes where his battery was low and ended up acting like he had a few too many, if you know what I mean. 
      This was a very entertaining movie that definitely kept me, and more importantly my son, entertained throughout the entire adventure.  It had a solid story line that had life lessons as well as childish and adult humor (though the adult stuff went over the head of most kids).  I would absolutely recommend this as a great family movie that follows in the footsteps of other great ones like Wreck it Ralph or The Incredibles. It had everything from the jokes, to the action and awesome visual animation.  This is The Mommy's Guide telling you to get to the theater!  Go Big Hero 6!

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