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Make Halloween Fun with Shadow FX


     Crayola is awesome- I figured I would lay that out there before I get started so you know how I feel. They make such great family friendly products that simply amaze me every time each year.  We received the Shadow FX to use for some Halloween fun and it worked out great.  This is a kid's sized projector that has big results.  The kit comes with a light console that has three lights and four buttons for different color combinations and flashing.  First choose a stencil and then draw on the clear screen with the magic erasable marker.  Then place the screen on the secure holder in front of the lights and presto-chango your wall is now your work of art! 

    It is just that easy- and you know what's easier- turning it into a shadow puppet theater! Yes ma'am my son and I had a blast turning our living room into a haunted trick or treat parade!  Here's how you can make your own. First Google shadow puppets.  Yep whip out your smartphone and find the printable that suits your needs. We found ours at  She has a great tutorial about how to make an old school shadow puppet show; we just modified it a little for our purposes. We printed out the clip art on our awesome HP printer (hey this HP mom panelist is proud!) and we colored them in.  Yeah I know we are turning off the lights but I figured instead of using black card stock paper we would color them in and laminate them for multiple use.  That and my son loves nothing more than cracking open a new package of crayons. After that was done I taped the pictures onto straws and they were ready to go!  Next  we took one of the included prints, the haunted mansion, and used it as a stencil for the magic marker and screen. After drawing it out we set it up with the green light shining because that would "look spooooky" as per my son.  It looked so cool and we played with it for the next hour, making up different stories and adding moons and bats to the scenery. After that we just drew pictures and had non-themed fun for the rest of the time.  He did however make me re-draw the Halloween scene so that it would light up his room with "Halloween" before he went to bed.

     Honestly this is one of the coolest things I have come across in a while. It is affordable, easy to use, and the possibilities of different ways to use it are pretty much endless.  You can do the same thing I did for Halloween for any holiday--draw a polling booth for goodness sake and celebrate Election Day!  Moms can even use it for their DIY projects.  Instead of buying an expensive projector you can use this little guy to create silhouettes of your family and stencil pictures onto your wall or piece of furniture. I am telling you you can do a million things with this little guy.  

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