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Schleich New Line Of Peanuts Figures and Boxed Sets

     There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that I love more than watching Peanuts specials during the Holiday season.  I have such great memories of watching them on channel seven with my family, or the VHS dubbed copies at my aunt's house over and over again.  So this year at the New York Toy Fair when I saw that Schleich was coming out with a line of holiday inspired sets, my heart soared!  The German company that has been around since the dark ages--or when we were young--and makes the most addictively collective figures ever.  

     When I was about six or seven my aunt lived in my grandmother's basement at the time.  On her dresser right before you entered her room was lined with what seemed to be millions of Schleich Smurfs.  I loved them!  Now I will neither confirm nor deny this but as her story goes the Smurfs in question would disappear every once in a while.  And while I am not saying it happened, I may or may not have taken them--and I may still have a few of them lying around as well as the Snoopy bride and groom figures... Fine I took them!  But the point is (yes there is a point) this company produced one of my and my aunt's favorite memories.  They continue producing figures to this day that are fun like the Snoopy and Smurf line, as well educational products such of animal and dinosaur lines.  They are still of the highest quality.

     The Snoopy figures I received for review are perfect in every way possible.  Each one is sturdy without being too hard, with a slight flexibility that can take a little bend without breaking.  The paint is flawless with no smudging or misplacement.  The small lines that make up the faces or the curl swirl of Charlie Brown's hair are perfect.  When you purchase figures like these or even a different kind of figurine you can see flaws that often happen with mass production: a slip of a line here, a small blotch there. They may even go unnoticed without hard core inspection. But on the twenty figurines that I received there was not one mistake and not one flaw. There is something to be said about that.

     In Schleich's newest Peanut line there are three figure boxed sets--and the first one is just in time for Halloween!  "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" is a Halloween must see for millions and now they can collect the beautifully crafted boxed figures.  This set features Linus leaning confidently against a pumpkin, Charlie Brown in his flawed ghost costume holding an empty paper bag and a rock and Snoopy in his flying ace apparel.  The packaging is a gorgeous night time blue with pumpkins in the front and back to set the scene, and a big bright moon with a black silhouette of the flying ace himself. You almost don't want to take them out of the box--almost. There are also cute little known facts printed on the side. This is a must have for a true believer and fan!

     Also available is the Christmas set complete with Snoopy's dog house, Charlie with his tree, and Snoopy sporting a green cap.  The box again is beautiful but this time with a snow blue background filled with snow flakes and snow men.  The third box set is the semi-evil Lucy teasing Charlie with the infamous football and an up-eared Snoopy.  There are 11 other loose figures as well featuring four variations of Snoopy, including one as Joe Cool.  There's also Charlie looking sullen, a grumpy Lucy, a smiling Sally, a waving Franklin, Woodstock, and an appearance from the beautiful Belle.  All of these will make those old fans and new fans doing the Snoopy dance of joy when they receive them from someone they love.  In fact I may be inspired to possibly return payment of Smurfs to my aunt- maybe.

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