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Sprint HTC Phone Review


     As we all know we don't just use phones  for only talking anymore--I know weird right?  They are a tool for connecting on the road, whether it is on vacation on your commute (public transportation people only) these phones are all about fun, entertainment and micro-managing your life!  Sprint and Harman Kardon have come together to build a truly remarkable phone, The HTC!
    I am absolutely in love with the camera feature on this phone. They take high quality photos as well as videos and it is so easy to manage.  The double camera lenses add depth and perception to even the most mundane photo--making it look as if you shot it on a Canon rather than a phone.   Along with all the regular features this camera includes a "selfie" button which flips the camera face-wards and has a countdown for the perfect selfie.  It has a dual capture which takes a forward facing shot as well as  a face shot which is super fun to play around with and a 360 degree panoramic view.  Lastly the Zoe camera takes a short video or picture with the hit of the one button.  Photo taking is a huge deal with me and something I checked out right away. I was instantly in love!
    Now down to business.  This phone runs fast!  The applications you have up go away after you don't use them for a few minutes and there is an option to turn them off with a swiping motion. This also keeps the battery from running out too fast.  Speaking of battery life, I am very happy with the lifespan of this phone.  I can be on it all day and not have to plug it in, which is amazing when you are working texting, talking and taking pictures all day long like I am.  They have all the apps that I need to run my site with and all my side businesses.  All of which runs with  great speed on the Sprint network.

    What I also like is the voice recognition system. You can speak directly to Google search, pull up phone numbers and speak text messages through the phone or the blue tooth. What is even better is it gets the message right about 90% of the time, which is pretty amazing when you have the windows open in the car and a kid talking over you in the background.
   I would be so sad if I didn't tell you about the amazing graphics card in this phone. Every single app makes me feel like kicking the Game Cube in the face. Yeah I am still not over the Game Cube- might never be......  Right now I am playing the Walking Dead on it, and the graphics are not only outstanding, but the touch screen play is perfect.  Gently touch the screen and your in play mode.  No holding down, no cursing because the zombies are eating your brains as your screen freezes.  Its pretty amazing.  The amount the phone holds is also outstanding. I have over 300 pictures and 10 videos plus games, apps and lists and I still have plenty of storage available to me.  32 GB of storage on the phone in all!
   With so many great features, we haven't even touched upon what makes this phone so unique.  HDC and Sprint recognized that phones are the new MP3 players and there was a great need to up the ante of music standards. (Did you know that Sprint was one of the first companies to actually bring music and the phone together, changing the world as we know it!)   It has double speakers and dual stereo speakers, made out of one solid piece of metal, making it more durable with a beautiful seamless look.
    With the amazing music-related apps and stores on the Sprint network you have a range of ways to listen to your music.  I love the whole idea of Next Radio which is a unique feature on the phone.  By plugging in either your headphones or your speakers you can stream FM stations right from your phone. No radio or car needed. The moment I started it up it listed all of my local stations and all I had to do was click and poof! My favorite radio station was on my phone.  It was very, very impressive.  Spotify is another amazing music app that is available on other phones, but will not sound anything like it does on this one!   Although it is a free app you can pay $9.99 a month and the features that come with it are amazing.  Forget about the fact that you don't have to deal with ads--you can play any song instantly on your phone by just searching and hitting play.  You can listen offline by downloading certain songs for free and listen to them anytime you want while saving your data.  Listening to every song in high definition the sound quality is a beautiful thing and when your jamming to "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME" for the I don't know fifteenth time that day, you are going to want to hear every single awesome beat. With the HTC double speakers and dual stereo speakers you will  feel like you are at a concert inside of a subway station.  Want a truly quiet bath night?  Use this phone with the Hamon Kardon exclusive speaker and completely drown out that annoying pitter patter of your husband, your child, and your dog. My word it is amazing!  You can now get a free three month premium subscription only at sprint!

    During the Sprint Sound Session I attended we got to hear from The Voice's winner Jermaine.  Now I have to be honest with you--I have no idea who this guy was, but my girlfriend did! She was freaking out when she heard I was listenting to him live!  His voice is truly amazing and his song writing is wonderful.  Also he is a pretty stand up guy.  I told him my girlfriend was having a bad day and look at the special message he left her!

   He has a new single out RIGHT NOW that you can listen to on your brand new phone because it is available now on Google and Itunes right now!  At the event we also had a chance to talk to both HTC and Sprint representatives.  It was incredibly refreshing to talk to companies that had not only consumers in mind but parents. They realize the struggles of keeping your work and your home life hand in hand on one functional device. They also knew that these struggles also meant a little bit of fun!
   Harman Kardon also has the consumer in mind, really working hard to make sure that their one of a kind high quality sound would be transformed into nothing but the best in their phone.  The representatives were so excited to share everything from the unique coloring to the smallest detail on the screen. You could tell it was something they took pride in and will stand behind, which unfortunately we don't see much in technological machinery anymore!

   Now for the most important part of the phone. The cell phone service. Yes I know from time to time you actually have to TALK on the phone- I know crazy right? Well with Sprint you get crisp and clear sound, it is as if the person is standing next to you instead of wherever they are on the other line.   I get reception EVERYWHERE, except my mothers basement- but that isn't Sprints fault, I am a firm believer that the basement is a gateway to another universe where they HATE cell phones. On the subway, in the tunnel, upstate- I had no issue with it at all.   No matter where I was, whether it be the cement jungle or the forests of the Catskills, I could send a selfie out for the world to see- and in the end isn't that whats MOST important? Sending selfies??? Oh also being able to get a call out to your loved ones no matter where we were was great as well.

        So if you are looking for a phone and a service provider that has it all- look no further my friends, because Sprint  has the  HTC ! This android phone is the one you have been waiting for, and one that is going to be hard to beat!

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sprint Sound Session. I received a sample of the HTC One to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

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