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Treasure Trax Game Review!

     USAopoly has come out with a great new game for kids Treasure Trax- The all in one scavenger hunt game. Guys this is great. The game comes with everything you need to have a full on scavenger hunt any day of the year (Easter Bunny beware they are going into your territory!)  It comes with three sets of cards and the bag to collect them and store them in.  One set has a picture of areas all over the house. Give your child the first card that has a picture of where the next is hidden. So if you give them a picture of the bathroom- they will have to search the bathroom for the next clue. But make sure if you send them in the bathroom that it is clean lol.  That clue can be another location card or a clue card that has the color or letter of what animal they are looking for. Yep that is the third set of card- the object of the game is to find that hidden animal by following the clues and sending them on a chase around the house! 

   I love the fact that you can make this game as long or short as you want. Have a long rainy day in front of you? Make the kids go insane by hiding the cards all over the house- use all the levels, use all the locations, just go crazy. Or if you are just looking to kill a little time before bedtime, set up only a few locations, and you have your little one using their brain and the extra energy of the day to tire them out even more!  You can even use it as a party game, and set up little prizes at certain locations.  The possibilities are as endless as the fun you are going to have playing this with your little guys.

   This game is available for $19.95 and can be bought online at

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