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Cookie Monster Challenge

     For the first time PBS and the Sesame Street Workshop have created an app that features one of my favorite monsters- Cookie Monster!  In Cookie Monster Challenge ($2.99 for the iPad) Cookie leads you through a repetitive, yet changing, set of activities to help your child work on their problem solving, listening and self control skills.  

     The graphics are reminiscent of old school Golden Book illustrations-which I love, and is aimed for children from 3-5 years old.  Cookie Monster gives instructions as each puzzle appears.  For example, two tents will appear on the screen, one with a cat and one with a penguin cookie and will say "`Pay attention"and then the tents will zipper up.  He will then ask which tent held the cat.  Your child will unzip the tent that they believe will have said cat and if they choose correctly they move on to the next puzzle.  If they don't, Cookie will say "That OK, try again" and

your child will have another go at it.  My son actually loved that Cookie said that and said "Cookie Monster gave me another try".  Another example of game play is the strutting pig.  Yep you heard me right- a pig walks across the screen  and depending on Cookie's instructions, which change, asks you to either tap on the pig or to not tap the pig.   Thus working on your child's impulse skills.  Very smart.  

      The point of the game is to get through each level and gain three cookies per level.  After you gain the cookies it has to go through a wacky machine to get to Cookie Monster.  Unfortunately for Cookie he is missing some parts.  After the first level you will not only get three cookies at the end of the level, but you will also get a new piece of the machine so that cookie finally gets his just desserts!
    The graphics on this app are great, being both easy on the eyes and yet still intriguing.  The intensity of the game-play slowly intensifies with each level, letting your child gradually get use to the changes while having to pay attention to catch them.  It is a different sort of app, and one that your child can really replay even after he or she helps cookie fix his machine.  The constant changing challenges and switching displays keeps your child on their toes while really working on their listening skills.  

      This was my first review for an iPad app and boy was I happy with the experience.  Well worth the $2.99 with high replay value as well as educational fun.  But then again, what else would you expect from the joint effort of two such amazing companies?

   I was given the app to review however all opinions are my own.
Edited by Michael Aucone

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