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Toasted or Roasted, a review


      Toasted or Roasted is a fun little board game that my son and I recently recieved for review.  This is the perfect game to play during a mock campout in the living room on a rainy or snowy day, or to bring outside with you into a real tent! Really it can be played at anywhere at any time, but it is extra fun to at least pretend you're camping, and this game makes it easy to do!
     The game board is a "picnic table" where you can draw and discard your cards. The object is to start your "campfire" by drawing a fire card and "toasting" three "marshmallows" first! You also want to stop other players from doing this, by raining on their camp fires or burning their marshmallows (my son's favorite things to do in the game).  Each player takes two round coaster-looking cards. One has firewood on one side and a lit campfire on the other. By drawing a Fire starter card you simply flip over your firewood disk to the campfire side. You've started your fire and you are ready to toast marshmallows! The other round card is a toasting stick with a toasting fork on the flip side. Once you draw a raw Marshmallow card, you can "toast" it when you draw a Toasted card, and you can then flip the disk over to the toasting fork side to try toasting two marshmallows at once.  However, other players can blow out your campfire with a strong wind, rain on your fire, or roast your marshmallow to a burnt crisp by drawing Rain, Strong Wind, or Roasted cards!
     This game is a non-dangerous way to introduce young children to campfire-toasted marshmallows and provides camp-style fun even when you aren't at a camp site.  The game, which is for 2-4 players, ages 6+, comes in a resealable plastic package that you can bring with you anywhere.  The cards are rather cute with silly faces on the marshmallows and the game is adorable.  It's really fun watching kids get excited about "toasting a marshmallow" or "blowing out your campfire".  This game is simple and can be played quickly, and I would definitely recommend it!

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