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Parents Ask Experts Answer: A Review

     Parents of children ages 2-6 rejoice! We now have a guide to raising our children!  A book filled with the questions you NEED answered, and answered from a panel of 35 experts in child development.  The author Tina Nocera wanted to change the way the advice books were written- she doesn't know it all- even all the experts in the world don't know it all- but now you have multiple opinions in one book- rather than just one. By giving you the reader multiple answers you can choose the approach that is the best fit for your family. This book covers everything from eating to video games, bullies to whining.

    It's very funny because as I am reading this book to review I am yelling at my three year old (almost four) about his gaseous jokes aka farting.  I then turn to this question: "My five year old son loves toilet talk.   Nothing is funnier than a poo-poo or bum joke.  And if he finds it funny once you can bet he'll find it funny twenty more times. How do I get him to tone it down?"   There were three different answers to this question, and I disagreed with two of them, but one of them I did think may actually work for my son. Mr. Norman Hoffman explains that "children have a difficult time differentiating the lines that should not be crossed if parents change the rules".  This is exactly what was happening in this house. He would  make a crass joke and someone in the house would laugh. Well of course he is going to say it twenty more times because a- he thought it was funny in the first place, so if he gets a reaction he WILL keep doing it and b- he wants to make people laugh- he loves it. So if you laugh once then he will keep trying to make you laugh again and again.  So the next time he did one of those jokes I said "nah- I don't find that funny. Why don't you tell me the elephant joke again (which is equally unfunny- but in a my kid made up this joke and its not that not funny kind of way so it's acceptable).  I didn't give him a positive reaction and slid right by a negative reaction but gave him the laughs at his appropriate if horrible joke. Thanks Mr. Hoffman!

     This book is full of questions that you will find yourself asking yourself or your friends, parents, and grandparents.  You will get multiple opinions that you can feel out and see which one is best for you.  I  have to say that this NJ mom did a FANTASTIC job at creating a wonderful advice book that you will not regret buying.  She even runs a fantastic website called Parental Wisdom which she created after struggling to find answers to her parenting questions.  By writing this book she doesn't say I know it all- she says, lets figure this out together- and I for one am a happier mom for having it in my home.  Thanks so much for letting me review it!

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