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      Marvel Universe Live is an action packed live adventure that is touring now in a town near you.....
  I'm sorry your still here?  Still here? Didn't buy the tickets immediately? Huh, weird--well you shouldn't need more words than "MARVEL and LIVE" to convince you, but by the end of this review you will be on Ticketmaster I promise you!

       Marvel characters are all over this house as I am sure they are in yours.  Before we had this child we were super geeked out going to all the opening nights of every Marvel movie out there.  To be honest even if we didn't have our adorable, non-stop talking son it is a good bet our butts would be in those seats anyway--this is nothing you have seen before my friends.
    When you enter the arena it has nothing but the tour logo projected on an interactive screen and stage, then like magic the stage comes to life.  First with Thor (and the moms go wild), giving the epic background of Loki's evil plan to rebuild the Cosmic Cube.  With a strike of his hammer lightning pours down and then Loki appears to tell his tale.   He despises us and insults our popcorn...Our popcorn people!  Clearly he must be defeated.  Then Tony Stark enters the stage looking for some of his fellow Avengers to stop what they are doing to fight some bad guys.  Everyone blows him off until the call to battle arrives and then in teams they set off to find the pieces of the Cosmic Cube before Loki does.

     Let's just say that the plot is only as good as the players can preform it and they pull out all the stops.  Then you have the stunt team--we have been watching for months the amount of work these men and woman put into learning the choreography as well as motorcycles stunts.  They did a  flawless performance doing high rising jumps through the air.  Motorcycling through the arena and executing amazing fighting scenes, it could of been on the big screen instead of on the stage in front of you.  The imaging was so absolutely amazing, it looked like actual terrain with each scene change.  At one point you actually felt as if you were lifting off with a plane.  At another point you watched as Wolverine  (who was mighty angry the whole time) scaled a snowy mountain with Bruce Banner.  I mean seriously the amount of time and effort that was put into the graphics alone was amazing.   Then there is the dialogue--hilarious!  It was dubbed so essentially the stunt team lip-sinked the words, but everyone had a good old one liner that had you laughing your butt off.  My personal favorite was when Bruce Banner asked Wolverine if he ever thought of anger management.  HILARIOUS.  Every character acted just like they did in their comic as well as the popularly portrayed movie versions that we all know as well.  Whoever did the writing (and I am sure it was a team) did an absolutely amazing job of sealing the whole spectacle of the show with a really amazing script that was true to characters' antics.

    At this point I am going to stop because if I tell you anything else it will completely ruin the experience.  I want you guys and gals to go out and SEE what happened so I will sum it up in these words... Lighting, fireworks, the Statue Of Liberty, a league of heroes and villains....AWESOME!    
   I can't stress enough that if you are a Marvel fan, or if you have one in your house, that you should set aside some cash and save it for when they come to your town--and they will because they have tour dates through 2016.  So again, what are you still doing on my site? (oh but please come back after you buy your seats :)

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