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Madame Alexander Doll Company Cuddle Baby Nursery Doll

   Madame Alexander has the perfect baby doll for your child's pretend nursery.  "The Newborn Nursery Cuddle Baby Collection" is a line of baby dolls like no other.  They are designed to look and feel like a real baby, and they do!  The way the doll feels as you hold it is almost as if you are holding your own little baby in your arms- it sort of made me want another one.. Only if it promised to be THIS quiet. The doll has plastic limbs and a soft but HEAVY body. Now when I say heavy I don't mean that your little one will not be able to carry it, but compared to other "life-like" dolls, this one actually looks and FEELS like a newborn.   The face is beautifully structured with bright shinning eyes, a perfectly sculpted little nose and angel-kissed, red hued lips that are slightly ajar for bottle feeding.  My little baby girl came in a pink sleep sack with matching skull cap.
One hand is curled and she is able to suck her thumb, while the other is artfully crafted to look as if it is at rest.  For any little girl (or boy) that is begging you for a baby doll, this is the way to go.  It is made of a far superior quality then anything I have yet to see in this area of the market and will take a licking and keep on ticking.  The clothes are machine washable and you are able to buy more clothing and accessories for the line (which are just as cute as real baby clothes, I CANNOT STAND IT)  so your child has a lot of options for them in the wardrobe department.  Adults that are buying this for someone they love also have a lot of options when picking out their loved one's cuddle baby. There are all sorts of different hair, eye, and skin tone combinations that you will absolutely find a perfect fit for your child's imaginary family!
    This is a perfect fit for any family that  is getting ready for a new baby.  It is a PERFECT example of a newborn baby size-wise and even weight-wise when it comes to feel.  You can help your child get ready for his or her new sibling with this little darling.  Not only is it a very special gift- which will make them feel special -but it can help them get used to how to hold and act around the new-comer.

    For whatever reason you choose to buy this doll- you're making the right choice.  Madame Alexander makes the highest quality dolls that will no doubt become treasured family heirlooms (like it is in our family). This baby doll will stand the test of time and make its way into your child's heart as well as imagination.

* I am a Madame Alexander Mom Panel member and received this doll to review. But COME ON- who wouldn't love this- all opinions are my own!

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