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TMNT Splash Blast Water Ball!

     Adding a new ninja-esque edge to the game Hot Potato, Little Kids toy company has come out with a great new game to fill your summer afternoons.  Easy to use, with no balloons required, all you have to do is add water!  After you add the water,  the timer will start ticking. Pass the TMNT themed ball back and forth until time runs out and you get splashed! Now I don't know if that is really "losing" per say on a hot summer day, but yes that is how you lose the game. Great with just a couple of kids or a whole slew, you will have the best backyard parties with this simple and easy to play game out on your lawn.

     This is easy enough for a five year old to do on their own; the only real issue is it is a hard plastic ball, so adult supervision is suggested or there may be tears if the kids get too "into" the game.  Overall though the toy is very well made, the cartoon is spot on to the character it portrays and it is one of those no-brainer buys.  The fact that it has no balloon inside adds to the positive feelings because it cancels out that nagging choking hazard, and annoyance of always having to fill up the balloon after each game.

     I love it, my kid loves it, and I cannot wait to get a pile of children over here to play this summer, because you know FOR SURE this is not one of those games you are going to get Mommy to play. I CANNOT take the pressure!

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