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Patch Products Produces Mirari My Phone for Babies!

Patch Products are happy to be bringing you the Mirari line of baby toys, including the new myPhone.  A niPhone parody, this neutrally colored phone is filled with 12 buttons that light up and play songs and sounds. It is lightweight, so the tiniest of hands can lift it up, and if they drop it unceremoniously on their head Mom doesn't have to worry.  The volume is soft enough to not overwhelm the younger children on the spectrum and high enough to peak their interest.  You can record your own ten second message and there is even a remote to turn it on randomly and keep baby interested.  The phone will ring and then play the message you recorded.

     Interactive phones have been a long standing toy in the households for years.  Something from the time you are born until adulthood makes the phone an absolute must have for the average human being. What's great about this phone is that it is interactive but not overbearing. The colors are relaxed without being overwhelming and its tones are gentle instead  of in your face. It really is a perfect fit for the 6 month plus range and is a great starter toy phone.  It helps develop cognitive learning, sensory development, and imagination.  The recording ability is the feature I love the most- other than that it turns off after a certain amount of stand alone time.  The remote is what Mirari is most excited about and it is a great feature- however you need to be way within the 25 foot range as well have no objects interfere with the signal between the two. It will take more than one try to get it to take, but when it does the kid is super cute and surprised to not only see the phone ring on its own accord but to hear the customized message that you recorded.
     All in all I find it a wonderful product for the six months to over one year aged kiddo in your life.  It really seems as it was designed with your child in mind from the smallest detail to the overall construction.  Add in the fact that the remote DOES work if not a bit inefficiently and you are really getting a great toy for the twenty dollar range that the child in your life will get full use of!

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