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My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Series!

     Ever wonder what a My Little Pony- human hybrid would look like?  Well you don't have to wonder any longer- the My Little Pony line has come out with the Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks series!

     A magic mirror connects the world of MLP to Canterlot High, and those poor little ponies are now going to have to go to HIGH SCHOOL!  Yes that's right the six true blue pony friends are turned into teenage girls that are full of "fun and fashion!" In 2014 music rules the Canterlot Highschool, and Twilight Sparkle and her pals compete for the top spot in the "Mane Event" (get it) talent show.

     Hasbro has come out with a line of Equestria Rainbow Rocks dolls that will have your little ones rocking and rolling right along with their favorite characters on TV.  We got to review Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle and the little girl in me wants to brush their LONG LONG colorful hair, and the grown up in me wishes I could actually get a pair of those shoes.

     Fluttershy  is rocking pink, green, and purple hair with a pink and gold outfit and a pair of butterfly headphones.  Her trademark butterfly birthmark is over her left eye and she has a small pair of green wings and ears on the top of her head, making for a very unique looking doll that your little one will love! Twilight Sparkle is definitly my favorite. She has lavender skin with an outfit that KISS would be proud of. Her purple, pink, and silver outfit has a little bit of tulle on the bottom and silver metal-like spikes covering her right shoulder, spikes on her heels, and a microphone around her head.  She too has her trademark star birthmark over her left eye and purple wings.

     If you are a MYP fan or a Brony you are going to love this new twist on the MLP line.  Although I think it is super mean for anyone to go to high school- especially if you live in a magical land with castles and rainbows. I believe the kids will get a kick out of playing with these hybrid dolls and watching them stumble thorough their new world.

   These dolls are available now and ready for you and your little guys to play with!

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