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Summer Travel Fun with Zoob and Alex Toys!

Alex Toy Company is making traveling this summer a breeze with the Car Valet bag! This portable and adjustable square bag creates an art or play center for any long car ride! It attaches securely to the rear of the front seat. Unzip it and create a stable flat surface that is great for long car trip art projects, games, and an imaginary metropolis filled with bad guys!
   With two small zipper pockets that are removable,  help with Velcro,  and two net areas and one slit to hold extra paper, this will hold more than enough supplies for any car trip. The vinyl makes for easy clean up with wipes so messes are no fuss!

    I have been wanting this exact product for so long- I even bought one or two other ones and they didn't last long.  This is clearly superior in quality, the fabric is securely attached, and the zipper really keeps the stuff secure through bumps and drops. The adjustable cord on the back gives you control on how far the flap goes down, making it totally customizable to your child's comfort and situation.

   Want one? Buy one today for $43.95 and have a quiet child and a clean car for once- wouldn't that be nice!

  Next on the travel list is Zoob! Zoob is the "Moving, Mind Building Modeling System" that snap click and pop together in twenty different ways.  What makes Zoob even more different  is that after the kids build they can play with their creations! That is  right the zoob pieces can move and play bringing their creations to life after they imagine them up!

   The Zoob traveler includes 40 pieces, three instruction guides, and a foam play pad that you can use to build upon and holds the pieces in place but also lets the kids move and rotate the pieces.  It comes in a high quality zip lock bag and gives you enough pieces that you can make 14 pre-designed creations and hundreds of other ones from your imagination.
    Great for hotel stays, long car rides (with the help of your Car Valet) and rainy days, your little builder will love this set and the unlimited possibilities it creates!

  Want Zoob? Buy one today!

  * We were given these toys to review and all opinions are our own!

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