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Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Summer Toys!!!


     Nickelodeon is certainly bringing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line up a notch this summer with a line of fun new toys to suit any child of any age! From action figures to fishing poles, if your kid is obsessed with TMNT you will have no problem fitting it into their everyday use.

      First up is the TMNT Brita hard-sided filtering water bottles. I am IN LOVE with this item. This is a 15oz refillable water bottle that is kid sized as well as approved. With the TMNT printed on the side this built in filtered bottle makes great tasting water from any source. It is BPA-free, hard sided, and dishwasher safe. PERFECT for car, pool and beach trips, or for the family on the go. You no longer have to dig in your purse for the $1.50 for a water bottle, or worry about your kids sucking down "gross" water from the fountain. Just pour the water in the cup, when you child sips through the straw the water will be cleaned before it touches their lips!  The filter is good for approximately 2 months of use or 40 gallons of water- whatever you reach first. Your kiddos will love having the fun cup as their go to drink source while you will fall in love with the convenience! We already have bought two more for ourselves!

     The Brita water bottle will be the perfect pair to the No Tangle Fishing Poles by Lil Anglers that are now available TMNT style.  This is an adorable little fishing rod (that every kid on LI needs if you ask me) that will make your little one feel like a super cool big kid while sitting at your favorite fishing hole!  Made for beginners in mind, this pole includes a tangle free online rod and reel that actually prevents line bunching while fishing. Imagine a day of calm waters and NO
frustration from your little fisherman in training as they practice their casting.  If they actually get a bite, this little guy can hold up to eight pounds and is super cool with the bright green color and TNMT logo on its handle. Also available in Spongebob, Dora, and Bubble Guppies, this is only $19.99 WELL worth the money- you will not get a better deal then this baby!

     Fishing not in the forecast? Well if there is enough wind in the air then you can bring Spongebob from undersea to the skies with the SkyDelta 42 Kite! This 42" wide kite has our favorite sponge art and will give you and your family a day of fun for only $2.99!

     Last on the list is a great toy for the rainy days this summer-   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Throw N Battle Figures by Playmates! Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo are totally ready for a battle with Shredder. Decked out in their night ninja outfits the turtles start out in stealth mode with their legs and arms folded behind their head. Give them a toss into "battle" and they spring to their feet, unleash their weapons and are ready to take out the bad guys. This is a great toy that actually works 9/10  times. Yes we tried it out..A LOT! The only problem is that this little guy is more flexible than I am- what yoga class is he taking! Your little fan will love to play with him and watch him spring into action, and you will love that the only sound your hear from your little guy is the turtle hitting the floor.

      I am so happy to be reviewing these toys for Nickelodeon- which is a staple in my house- and revisiting a show that I myself loved as a child and my sister (who has been April for Halloween more than once) approves of! Yep auntie can be a stickler! We are so happy to have been asked to review these items and give them all multiple A+++ I cannot wait to see what comes out next for this line!


  1. Do you know where I can find the fishing pole? My 4-yr-old nephew would LOVE it, but I cannot find it anywhere! I even went to the Lil' Anglers website, the Nickelodeon website, and I cannot find anywhere to purchase it. :(

  2. Hello- You should be able to find them at toys R Us- if you have any issues email me and I'll contact the PR company to see if we can help you further!

  3. Hi Kelly & Maureen! The tmnt and all other Nickelodeon no tangle fishing poles will be available in stores in January 2015. Thank you for your support!

  4. The kid casters that come with the casting baits (sponge fish) are available now. Check toys-r-us, bass pro or Walmart.