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Mommy's Time Out: University Games: I Ate Zombies Reviewed

     Based on the popular "I Have" games, University Games has released "I Ate Zombies".  This is a fast paced game that will have each player racing each other to unload their cards first into the "Darkness Pit", or pile, whatever works for you. Each of the 54 cards have two sides,  the "Who Ate" and the "I Ate".  The first player will put down a card "I Ate" up, for example "I ate a Werewolf" and then flip it over to the "Who Ate" side, revealing the next card that the players need to match.

     So it goes like this: "I ate a Werewolf, who ate a Witch?" whoever finds the Witch on the I Ate side of their card gets to unload the card into the "Darkness Pit", reducing the level of cards they have and increasing the chance of them to win. This game is moves fast and is fun. The cards are sturdy which is good because they will be flung down with force as everyone is trying to get their card down first.  The graphics on the cards are all photographs of the actual ghoul or ghastly item, and although the spider card is a bit too realistic for me, overall it makes the appearance of the cards unique and fun.  Easy to learn with classic "war"- like game play, this will be an instant hit on any game night.  Since we have received it for review we have had it in constant rotation and we haven't gotten tired of it yet!
     The only thing that boggled my mind is the size of the cards compared to the size of the box. The cards are smaller than a standard deck and the box is an open top and huge. Other than that minute detail I have no issue with this game and I recommend it for your own Mommy or Daddy Time Out.

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