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eeBoo Review!

     eeBoo is fast becoming one of my FAVORITE children's toy companies out there, with their elaborate and eccentric line of good old fashioned toys, crafts, and supplies. Everything is beautifully made and wrapped and performance wise it is top notch! You will find no licensing in their products. All their items feature original art from popular illustrators and artists.

     First up is the great Crepe Paper Flower craft. For $4.99 you get enough to make three GORGEOUS paper flowers that your kids will love to make and give to their loved ones. The paper is beautiful, the instructions are simple, and the outcome is lovely.

 The Waste-not Animals is one of the cutest ways to up cycle I have seen yet!  For kids 8 and up this is a great way to show your child that garbage isn't always garbage and to tone their sewing skills. They come in a variety of animals, including the Fox, Hedgehog, and Chameleon! These little guys are beautiful! Using a 20oz plastic bottle,  newspaper and all the pre-cut felt and string in the kit your child will create the most adorable little animal friend they could ask for!  The instructions are clear and with minimal help from an adult, this is a craft that your child can really do all on their own. They will be so proud when they finish and you will love the satisfaction on their faces as well as the adorable "plush" they will have around the house! $13.99

     Paper Chains are a tradition in a lot of people's homes that help celebrate holidays, birthdays, or special events! eeBoo has a set of pre-cut, easy to put together paper chains that will have your house instantly transformed from blah to beautiful!  The prints they use are GORGEOUS! I have the Halloween set- it's never too early- and I want to keep them up all year. They also have Ribbon paper chains, Valentine, other Holiday and animal prints that are equally beautiful.  The best part is you get all the gorgeous with none of the work! Like I said before they are pre-cut to the perfect size and they have pre-cut slots that even tiny hands can mange to maneuver!  What can I say- I am in love!

     So tell your local retailer that you want eeboo stocked in their store! Don't have a local store? Look for locations around that hold eeboo products in stock!

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