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Adventure Trek at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge


     This past week we had the absolute pleasure to join Six Flags Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Water Park with the opening of their brand new interactive wand-using scavenger hunt, Adventure Trek!

     "Armed with magical wands and unwavering determination, children set out on thrilling adventures and captivating missions to save the Six Flags Great Escape Resort from the evil humdrums and sludge monster threatening to drive away the fun.  Every child becomes a hero in this all-encompassing resort experience. Adventure Trek features three compelling virtual adventures with custom-designed content and themes reflecting real-world family attractions at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge and Theme Park, as well as significant historical sites in the Adirondack/Lake George regions. Virtual guides will take guests on adventures that allow them to explore a fantastic realm where imagination and history come alive. Guests assume roles as helpful heroes, who are needed to learn strategies, follow clues, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles to save the day."

     Team up with the games three characters, Billy Brians, Double-Dare Dexter and Hurricane Hannah as they try and save the resort from the muddling meddling of the humdrums and Sludge Monsters.  These troublemakers want nothing more than to mess up the fun of the resort's guests and it is your job to help find missing objects, repair plumbing issues, and save the day.  There are four missions to each set of problems that need to be solved. These missions include walking around the three floors where interactive LCD screens, check in points, lights, treasure chests, and items, are all set up to work with the magical wands.  It is truly something to see a bunch of kids wondering around a hotel waving their magic wands and squealing with delight as they find an object, make the magic chest open up or make the lights glow just like a real life wizard.  After you finish a mission you go to a check in point where the character in charge gives you the badge that you earned, and instructions on what you have to do next.  After you complete all four missions you head over for the final "boss".  You use the badges you earned in your missions to defeat the humdrums in one final showdown which ends that segment of the series. Have no fear though there are plenty of other stories to play- or you can skip the story and just play the game- which is a cool option for the notoriously inpatient- like myself.
     I think that this is just a great concept for a resort.  Whether you are staying for two nights or a full week, this is an extra bonus that will keep your kids occupied for hours.  The wands are just super cool- there is no other way to explain it. The sensor between the two work almost flawlessly and with just a few flicks reactions happen that bring forth the oooohs and ahhhhhs.  The game is saved automatically after you check in at the end of the mission, and will pick up again whether you go and play hours later or months!  So if you are a recurring visitor at the lodge (which I also recommend) you can start off right where you left off!


  You must purchase the wands to play- but after that the game is free. To learn more please visit  Six Flags Great Escape Lodge! 

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