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Stickman Stew The Review!


  Stickman Stew is made an appearance at the New York Toy Fair and lucky me -I have one sitting on my shoulder right now! 
      Take the classic stick-man drawing. You know what I am talking about, circle head and five lines representing the body, arms, and legs. The Gold Heart Crew pushed the stick figure to the next level, keeping its stick-like physique but  giving it a soft, plush, sometimes bendable, body with a heart of gold!

     I have to admit it, I am kinda in love with this little guy and so is my son. It's a very simple concept that has morphed into something that is strangely endearing. My Stickman Stew came in a tube shaped clear container that explained what my little guy represented.
"the GOLD HEART CREW™ spends their days spreading respect and love to the children of the world. At night, they meet high in the branches of the STICKLAND™ Forest. Together, they sing songs
in harmony and celebrate the good deeds of the kids they watch over.

      Their motto is "Do like the GOLD HEART CREW™ and be a STEWard of love and respect in our world. Every STEW-CREW™ character has a heart of gold and serves as a reminder that we are all bound together by one common attribute...our hearts. Celebrate our differences but remember our similarities."

   There are four different characters- I received the leader of the pack who is Stickman Stew- "peaceful and gentle soul who spreads respect and love everywhere he goes. He loves to sing Karaoke-when I read this part my son goes "Just like Oma" (German for Grandmother- My Mother In law is a crazy Karaoke singer and talks about it all the time!) and dance".
 There is also StickGal Sal , StickKid Sid and StickGirl Shirl each with their own unique qualities and great qualities. 

      I love the imagination it invokes with its simple yet fun design.  There are bendable ones that you can fit almost everywhere and a larger more cuddly one that is great for sleepy time.  You will find your  toddler keeping it in their stroller, your kid hanging it off their bike, and everyone excited to bring them along on their day to day adventures! I also envision an  Elf on the Shelf  type of play. These guys are so small and cute with such great values behind them I can see myself hiding the little guy all over the house for a good morning hide and seek. Or having Stew appear when he does something good for someone else!  For adults- or child-like adults like myself, I see him being that one item that travels the country and you put in all the pictures!  We actually just did this- Stickman Stew went on his first trip to Florida this past week!

      I also really appreciate the message behind the product. As we know must products are just that- products. Most are for fun and play and to well, make money, but so few actually try and put out a message. So I put this toy in the realm of of products with Stinky Kids- a product with a purpose. with Stickman Stew, you get to let your child's imagination go wild, and help instill great values as well! 
  To learn more about Stickman Stew and his crew go to their site or connect with them on twitter! I am telling you- you will love them as much as we do!

* I was given a Stickman Stew to review- but as always my opinions and views on the item are my own- if I don't like it I don't write about it!

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