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Peaceable Kingdom Presents: Say The Word!

     Say The Word!, the great new game from Peaceable Kingdom is a hoot and a half! This cooperative game is for three people or more and can really be played with children as young as three years + as well as being a great adult game.

     The purpose of the game is to remember the story as it progresses with each turn and each new word that every player adds to the lineup.  First you pick a character card- this will be the star of your story.  Then you pick a word.We picked the pizza delivery man, and in this case we got “ripe” as our first word.  So I said "the pizza delivery man came to our door with our ripe tomato sauce pizza”. Oh yeah I made it complicated off the bat.  After everyone saw the word I laid it face down next to the character card.  Next up my husband picked a new word card so he said “The pizza delivery man came to our door with our ripe tomato sauce pizza before he fell into quicksand” then placed the card face down.  Getting the picture now? After every turn one person writes down the word that was picked on an included dry erase board. Your goal is to get to at least ten words without forgetting the words and story that each person is helping to spin.  Everyone gets a guess coin, that gives them one chance to get a hint before losing the game for everyone.  You can even throw in a challenge card that will add even more complications (like a story line) into the mix! I am telling you this game is loads of fun.

     The first time we played this game was actually out to dinner with some friends. Yes I am the kind of girl that brings tabletop games and card games out to eat with her- do you have a problem with that? I find that bringing along a game even when you’re going out adds a lot to your dining experience and your time with your friends.  It keeps your hands off the smart phone and in many instances can be used as a fun drinking game -make sure you have a designated driver and babysitter people!  The first round we did ok, but as the hurricanes kept coming we did worse and worse and it was really a fun way to spend the night. We even had people at the next table helping us along and at one point playing with us! Look at that!

     Don’t get me wrong though this game is not just for adults. In fact it is made to help enhance your child’s imagination and memory skills.  My son who is three and has an INSANE memory got as far as seven words before forgetting what went where and when and had no problem playing with his older friends who were 5-7 years old.  The older kids had the giggles when they picked the word 'barf' and made the poor cat lady “barf after she ate cat food!” Oh man did they (and admittedly I ) find that funny!   In fact it is hysterical to see how great the kids' memories are and how shot the parents' memories are. I mean hysterical as in you may want to cry, but funny for everyone else!

     This is just a wonderful cooperative game that is genuinely great for all ages.  A lot of other games say they are great big fun for everyone but they are lying. Peaceable Kingdom has put them all to shame- TO SHAME! with this wonderfully thought out game that will definitely make your Friday night game night something to look forward to when this is in the line up! Thanks so much for letting us review this! I cannot wait to play it again! 

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