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What Do Bicycles, Skates, and Skateboarding All Have In Common With Pillow Pets?

     Ah Pillow Pets- you have to love these cuddly little (or sometimes rather large) comfy guys.  Funny story as to how I was introduced to Pillow Pets: It was during the first wave of their launch and my little one wasn't even a year old. My sister had a terrible cold and even with night time cough syrup could not get to sleep. She was watching TV and saw the commercial for Pillow Pets and decided immediately that my son had to have one. She bought him the cow, and my son slept with it for two years. If he didn't have it- he panicked, if it feel on the floor we panicked. Now even though he doesn't NEED it to sleep with every night- he still carries it everywhere. It goes in his tents, on the couch, under the table. That cow has gone places- side note they really come out of the wash great! With that kind of reaction from kids around the nation- we couldn't wait to see what Pillow Pets had coming this year at the NYTF.

     What they came up with is something that was a bit unexpected from a plush line-Tricksters Helmets! That's right, Pillow Pets are coming out of the bedroom and onto the streets with these new plush inspired bicycle helmets!  Made of high quality and super soft chenille, these guys have come out in five characters so far. They comply with CPSC ASTMf1492 safety standards and there is also a special fitting dial that makes the Tricksters helmet fit perfectly. I saw them in person and they are gosh darn cute. I'm not kidding. I don't even say gosh darn, but these helmets make me want to say it! These guys are available now and are retailing at $29.95

     Another cute branch coming out of the Pillow Pets tree is the Pillow Pets toothbrushes! These little guys talk to your kids for the two minutes suggested brushing time. They are available at Walmart now and are super cute!

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