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New in 2014 From Wonder Forge


Marvel Super Heroes have always been incredibly popular with grown ups and kids alike. However with the newer, more toddler geared shows (like Super Hero Squad) they are reaching a whole new high with the masses of ALL ages.  Wonder Forge, who is the maker of such great games like Sofia The First Magic Tea Party and the ever popular Jake And The Neverland Pirates cooperative games have come to rescue with a new Marvel addition.  Marvel Matching brings the classic game of picture-matching memory games to children three and up.  Featuring all our favorite characters and even some that I am not so familiar with, although my son is, this game is a no-brainer for anyone who has a Marvel fan in their home.

       The game comes with a whopping 72 pieces of both villains and super hero friends on super sturdy cardboard pieces that will prove the test of time--and three-year-old game play.  If you have yet to play a matching game with your little one, or your little guy does not usually lean towards tabletop games, I have to insist that you give this game a try. If you think playing tabletop games with your child is passae, being we live in a world of iPad, iPhones and Wii consoles, you are dead wrong.  Playing together as a family is always important, and matching games are very beneficial for your youngster.        
     Categorizing is a huge part of cognition (the process by which the sensory input is transformed, reduced elaborated, stored, recovered and used).  Games that encourage sorting, matching, and classifying are excellent for the cognitive development.  Game play is also a great way to spend time with your family- without a screen and your child will learn valuable lessons this way.  Everyone takes a turn, you don’t always win, and you have to follow the rules. Through gameplay your children will learn valuable life lessons without even realizing it. 
     If you have had trouble in the past getting your children interested in playing a board game and they are fans of the superheroes, and yeah I bet they are, Wonder Forge’s Marvel Match is a great and fun way to introduce them to the world of tabletop while keeping within their interests.  The on-the-spot illustrations and the huge array of characters that they have incorporated into the game will keep them interested.  As a parent if you want to make a “quick” game out of it, you don’t even have to use all the pieces at one time.  Take only half of the characters out of the box and you and your child can fit in a quick game before you have to run out, or keep the game play fresh and sort them into two different piles and your kids will freak out because they haven’t played that set of characters before. 
        With the high quality of the pieces and designs, emotional cognition, and social benefits that come with playing; I have to say that this purchase is a no brainer. 
   This game will be available at Toys R Us, Target and FAO Schwartz among many other retailers.  You can also check out the Wonder Forge website to learn all the locations and to see what other games you need in your life! 

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