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: Mcfarlene's New Line Of Rabbids Toys Have ARRIVED!


        We already told ya'all about the awesome new lines that the AMAZING Todd Mcfarlene is coming out with this year- now we get to share our reviews of some of those toys! Excited!? I know we are!  Ubisoft’s line of Rabbids video games have been turned into an awesome new TV series on Nickelodeon.  Mr. Mcfarlene has designed an incredible line of toys to go with it that are hitting the shelves just in time for Easter!

    We received the Rabbids Plunger Blaster- oh yeah be jealous. This thing is AWESOME.  Well-crafted with a slight velvety smooth finish, this toy could line one of the many shelves we have dedicated to the "adult" line of "toys that Mcfarlene has made in the past. But what fun would that be?  The Plunger Blasters were my favorite mini-games in the video game series and I know they make more than one appearance in the show, so I was so excited to see it so well utilized in the toy line.  This Blaster makes 15 unique Rabbids sounds: Bwaaah, burp, fart, flush, laugh, and scream until your heart’s content. Or until your husband takes it away from you-err your son...You can also put the blaster into prank mode and play a joke on your unsuspecting friends! Which means, it will go off ALL the time. I have hidden it in many areas of the house and heard yelps as it screams out Bwaaaah for absolutely no reason. My favorite spot is under the sink in the bathroom, I mean how funny is that?! This is available RIGHT NOW at Walmart for $12.97, and worth every penny.  It is soooo funny, and if you are a fan of the games, and now the show- you are going to keep on finding it funny even after the 1878493578439754 time you hear the flush sound.  I promise.

   Next up in the line is the Rabbids Sound and Action Figures. These two pack toys comes with a crazy action play, and assorted sounds that will have you laughing your butt off.  Made in the same high quality style as the blaster, these little guys will give your little ones some loud and funny imagaplay. (Yeah, I just made up a word) You can even attach them to coats, zippers, backpacks, baby bags or anything else to carry on the go! Great basket stuffers, Christmas stocking stuffers (never too early) or anytime fun for the aunties to bring over for no reason at all! These guys are available at Walmart for $12.95 and as my husband just informed me Toys 'R Us RIGHT NOW.

     So Moms and Dads Grandmas, Poppy's, Aunties, Uncles, now is your time to act.  Get the kids what they want, RABBIDS. If for some reason you don't know who the RABBIDS are, then hurry to the store and buy the video games (the Wii ones are my favorite) check your local listings for the new television show, and hop on to the store before Easter.  Fill up your kiddos gift baskets with these amazing new toys from Todd Mcfarlene!

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