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Madame Alexander: Little Miss Tooth Fairy Review

     I am so excited to announce that TMG is now officially a part of the Mom Advisory Board! WHOO HOO! We are so incredibly excited to be partnered up with such an iconic company. For a little over ninety years Madame Alexander has been a HUGE part of little girls' lives and I look forward to keeping you guys up to date on everything that they have to come in 2014!
     First up we get to review one of Madame Alexander's amazing dolls, an 8 inch traditional collectible Maggie doll dressed up as a Tooth Fairy. This doll is Madame Alexander in all their glory.  Her green eyes close and open and she has beautiful curly, Tosca hair and a porcelain face.  She wears a magical
handkerchief-style dress that combines purple taffeta with white glitter, pink and purple tulle.  It all ties in the back with a purple ribbon right underneath her tooth-shaped wings. She wears ballet slippers and has a stunning bow in her hair with what else--a tooth to top things off.
     Opening up the family box brought me back to my childhood when I was given my "Gone With the Wind" Scarlett doll one Christmas morning. The same ooohs and ahhhs escaped my lips as I gently lifted my new Tooth Fairy doll and I was suddenly 11 again.  No matter what age you are, if you are a doll lover you LOVE Madame Alexander--there is no way around it.  My love came from my mother's love of the dolls that her parents gave her as a child.  As I grew older and knew where that love came from I would look at her as I opened my gift and see that she was just as excited to give it- as I was to receive it.  That's what this company is about to me--LOVE.

     The amazing amount of work that goes into each doll, the amount of detail that is in just the Tooth Fairy doll that I received is amazing.  From the paint on her face to every stitch, every eye lash, every curl--this is not your ordinary doll and that's what makes it so special. When you receive a Madame Alexander doll you know that you have received a gift that means a lot. When you give one of these dolls you get a memory for a lifetime.  Seeing that doll find a home in the loving arms of the child (or adult) that receives them will bring a smile to your face that you will not soon lose.

    So if you are in the market for a special gift then bring this little fairy home. Let her beauty charm that special someone in your life and create a memory that will last a lifetime.

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