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eeBoo Review

     eeBoo is a wonderful toy company that produces truly beautiful products that your whole family can enjoy.  Their products are 100% original meaning there is no liscensing and all of their designs are drawn from well known and loved children book illustrators, giving it a very unique and inspirational appeal. I have recently been able to review the eeboo Picture Dominoes and I have to say- I am impressed.
      The cardboard dominoes are over sized and made of 90% recycled gray board and soy based inks.  The art work is vibrant and appealing and the game play which is geared towards ages 3 and up is simple yet challenging enough to keep your child entertained and make those brain muscles work!  You add matching creatures to the chain to keep it going.

Get rid of all the dominoes first and you win! The dominoes are great for a small child's grasp and are truly sturdy for a cardboard set. When they say quality toys, they mean quality toys.

     I also received an Owl Pull Puppet that reminded me of something I played with as a child at my grandmother's house. This truly looks like a piece of art that could be hung on your wall instead of a child's toy. In fact- I may just hang it on my wall.  This owl has purple feathers with some color bursts and a sky-inspired outfit on. He is fully painted on both sides with planets, clouds, star bursts, and small little bells on his toes.  The little guy is fully equipped with a bow tie and pocket watch as well- amazing.  Even the packaging is amazing. He is in a simple plastic bag with an elaborate and gorgeous light cardboard backing that he is tied to and is totally worth upcycling into something amazing.
     The Pull Puppet is aged for players 5 and up, but with appropriate supervision this would be a perfect toy for parent-baby play. The vibrant colors and movements will catch a baby's eye just as much as a peek and boo play. I think it goes without saying that a Pull Puppet can't be given to a child under three- with the strings and all, but to me- this would make a wonderful baby shower gift- just saying.

    This is a wonderful company that truly inspires one to play with their toys and I highly recommend anyone that is looking for a gift outside of the box to shop eeBoo.
        eeBoo isn't sold on their own website,  they are sold across the area in specialty shops and museum shops as well as a sister site You can go to their site directly to find out where the nearest retailer is in your neighborhood!

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