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Disney Jr LIVE!

     Sofia the first and Jake And The Neverland Pirates have taken over the houses of preschoolers across America for good reason. With catchy tunes adventures to go on and lessons to learn the fun way, adults and kids alike are rejoicing at these great programs.  To everyone's excitement Disney Live! decided to come out with Disney Jr Live- Pirates and Princess. The commercials would play on the TV to the squeals of the little ones saying “I wanna go! Oh Mommy please!”   How could I say no to that!!
    So here we are at the Theater at Madison Square Garden and the excitement hasn't stopped! This place is jam-packed with hardly an empty seat, and everyone has a great view! Mickey and Minnie appeared on stage to open the show--to the cheers of the crowd--then next on stage was Sofia The First! Opening to her theme song Sofia comes on stage and everyone goes crazy! Sofia runs for a half of an hour and shows all our favorite characters. Follow Sofia as she sings about Fuzziwig, goes to princess school, bakes some magic cakes and goes to the Friendship Festival! The magic will not be lost on you and your family as bubbles float down and magical images are displayed on the screens on stage.

     After a 15 minute break Mickey and Minnie are back on stage to introduce Jake and the whole crew! My son was completely enthralled that Sharky and Bones were on stage playing the instruments LIVE on stage (so to speak). It was like when I saw Garbage for the first time. He couldn’t believe that he was there and they were singing all of his favorite songs.  Captain Hook and the crew then come up on stage and want to steal the Neverland crew's map! Will they succeed? I doubt it but what I do know is they will bring you and your family along for the fun LIVE AND ON STAGE.
     I really felt that the production really utilized the media screen during the Jake segment. On more than one occasion the actors interacted with characters on the screen and objects “jumped” off of the screen and onto the stage. It is really amazing what they are doing for these live productions, and leave it to Disney to be on top of these game-changing additions to their productions.

   With amazingly accurate costumes, the digital screen that brings the worlds to life and special appearances from Cinderella--Tinkerbell and the Pan Man himself--you will be smiling ear to ear as your kids have the time of their lives with their favorite Disney Jr crew!

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