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Crayola Products: Bring On The Awesome And CLEAN Fun


Crayola needs no introductions. This has been a household name since we were all children and will continue to be so for many generations to come.  After our tour into what is in store for the company and the consumer in the year 2014 we got a few samples of some truly amazing stuff!  First up is the ULTRA-Clean Washable markers. Parents do not be afraid to give your child a marker EVER again! This ULTRA (I'm sorry the world ULTRA always needs to be capitilized) marker is strictly made for paper only! It easily washes off of all kinds of hands (yep they cover small and large), clothing and now WALLS! Foil be to the child who wants to ruin a freshly painted wall, or to the wife and/or husband who wants to use their child's markings on said wall as an excuse to repaint. This stuff WORKS, and if you don't have it in your home now, you need to go get it right away.
  Next up is the Color Wonder Line where the markers ONLY draw on the paper it is made for. Not only are there blank pages to let your child's imagination go wild, but also some great coloring books, including superheroes and Bubble Guppies. These are great for the dining room table, road trips, and just kinda awesome in general. You know that these markers are not going to make a mess on your mess free furniture and vehicles! That's the stuff right there.

   My husband's favorite product thus far was the Washable Triangular Crayons. Great again because they are super washable, but more importantly it teaches your child how to properly grip a crayon, leading them into the world of writing, one colorful piece of paper at a time.  I have been using these for my three year old son's letter writing practice sheets that we have been working on and it's amazing how after a few weeks how much better his grip is and how naturally he is holding not only the triangular crayons but all his crayons and markers. So my friends make sure you pick this lot up on your next crayon supply purchase. They are worth it- believe me!

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