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Two Words: Todd McFarlane. One More Word: Rabbid

     For over 2 decades McFarlane Toys have created some of the most intricate pieces of comic book, movie, music, and sports collectibles and now the next chapter is…..RABBIDS!!  Yes these are the extraterrestrials that have invaded earth and who cannot resist music, disguises, spoofing, cows, or toilets (according to McFarlane Toys) and will be invading store shelves this Spring.  Originating from the Raymen video game and then developed into the popular Nickelodeon cartoon, these aliens are ridiculously amusing.  (They will also be featured in a full-length movie that is in development.  Side note:  while we are talking about movies, a member of Todd’s team did mention that the next Spawn movie is also being developed

      Starting this Spring, the toy line will release action figure 2-packs, plush Rabbids, mini figures in blind bags and 6-packs and a Plunger Blaster with full sound effects to deliver what its name suggests—plenty of screaming Rabbid and toilet-like sounds.  There is also a special mode you can set the plunger to so it has a delayed sound-off to surprise any passers-by.

     The toy line will follow the initial roll-out with a Fall 2014 release of the Rabbids Silly Swap line.  I am definitely looking forward to this line which is going to be out of control!  Picture a Mr. Potato Head…but cooler.  You can mix and match all the different pieces and create a Rabbid-Robot-Caveman for example.  The figures are all what you would expect from Todd McFarlane with intricate details and quality.

     For the more mature collector (i.e. me) there are also planned releases this year of WWE replicas of “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Steve Austin, and Triple H starting at $295.00 as well as figures from the Walking Dead series and the video game Assassin’s Creed.  What is great about the Assassin’s Creed figures is that besides from getting just a high-quality collectible, it also has codes to use in the video game itself. 

      Todd McFarlane has never failed to produce anything without great detail and care.  From the days of inking Spiderman and Venom, to Spawn, to a full line of Matrix collectibles to a Twisted Christmas and Land of Oz, Todd McFarlane has always delivered.  He will continue to put out items geared towards the collector but is now entering an area of merchandising that can cover all age groups.  The Rabbids line is sure to be a hit and is recommended for everyone of all ages.

Contributed by Michael Aucone
Supervisor and Supreme Overlord, Secret Blackbelt Ninja CIA Operative. And Mommy Guide Writer

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