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TOMY Is Taking Over This 2014

     Attention Pokemon Fans! TOMY  is bringing the toy line onto a whole new level with role-play items! These are designed to help transform kids into Pokemon trainers, with Battle Ready Picachu that you can place on your shoulder and have him launch foam discs! This also includes an awesome adjustable backpack harness with storage compartment!  And you know what you need with a shoulder riding, foam disc throwing Pikachu right?  Trainer Gloves with sound! Get your very own pair of Ash's gloves that are motion activated! Hear four different sound effects every time you throw your Poke Ball into battle- sweet!

  Battroborg Warriors hit the market with a fierce bang this holiday season, but you haven't seen anything yet!  These guys have gone from bare knuckle brawlers to stealthy warriors!  You can choose from a Samurai, Ninja Alien Roman, Knight, and Viking! Players control the battle and the borg's every move with a single handled katana blade controller built for slashing and swordfighting! It was soooo coool!

  TOMY set a world record with the Chuggington StackTrack, now you can try it out at your home with these new features! For the first time ever, new StackTrack sets feature super-sturdy mega cranes, working escalators and elevators that help die-cast engines scale extra-tall layouts. Use these awesome new features to bring the engines back to the top of the set for even more interactive and continuous fun.
"This year, TOMY inspires Chuggington fans to get creative by combining StackTrack play sets to create amazing Megabuilds. The new Megabuild Junction at makes it easy to do, by showcasing awe-inspiring layouts, offering helpful tips from the Chuggington toy team experts, and providing step-by-step instructions for how to combine sets. The easy-to-follow instructions at Megabuild Junction show which sets and track pieces are used, encouraging kids to re-create sample Megabuilds and challenging them to use their imaginations to create new combinations to share on social media. When kids use Chuggington StackTrack with Megabuild Junction, they discover endless possibilities for their imaginations to take them on new adventures with sky-high builds."

  But wait there is more! New characters will be coming to Chuggington Hanzo- the high performance Chug-A-Sonic! He is the leader of the Speed Fleet! He is the fastest engine in Chuggington and guess whose mentor he is? Koko's!

   Chuggineer Zack, a the leader of the Chuggineer Team,  is a strong hard working engine and is Brewster's mentor.

  Chuggineer Fletch is a boisterous touch engine that is always ready to get the job done!
 Chuggineer Tyne is a strong willed girl engine and is an expert in explosions!
Cormac is a forklift engine with lots of jobs around Chuggington! My son is going to flip over this one!

  And guess what moms and dads! Remember those water games where you pushed the button to drop balls into a basket or hooks onto a ring, they are BACK! I loved these things and have vivid dreams of playing them at my grandmother's house. I almost pocketed the sample right off the shelf- I didn't so if it did go missing it was another nostalgic child of the 80's/90's.

  Jim Henson's Pajanimals has a whole line of fun toys based on the AMAZING show on Sprout.  Check out the Pajanimals Under the Lights Projector. This little guy helps get your little one on a routine for bedtime.  Push the button to turn the projector on then sing along with the lullaby. When the music turns off your kiddo can fall asleep under the starry lights!
  They also have nighttime plushes, Pajanimals Pals and the Pajanimals Bedtime Routine Board!
  The Routine Board is kinda adorable.  After finishing the tasks like getting pjs on, you push down the Pajanimals into their beds. After you complete all the tasks hear the La-La-Lullaby theme song. I may need this in my life!

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