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Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Review: A Mommy's Time Out! (Jenny isn't this for kids??) No...Ok sure we can share!

     Nintendo has a very select fan base of patrons that have come back year after year and time after time for their franchise favorites.  So loyal in fact it  can turn a quiet debate into an all-out brawl when someone slams on one of the Mario Brothers or tries to compare the Wii with Play Station Three.  There are loyal fans out there; brought up from a young age as a Nintendo family you won’t convince us tha

t there is a better game than Mario Bros, or stop us from reminiscing about Duck Hunt- so stop trying. We are and always have been a Nintendo family. So Luigi's Mansion holds a very special place in my heart and made me sooooooo excited to play the New 3DS Xl Version.

     In Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, the super creepy Professor E Gadd calls upon- and sort of kidnaps, the reluctant hero to help him sort out his recent mess. With the Dark Moon's destruction (by a Boo no less) his once happy ghost friends are now, well, mean, and causing lots of trouble. Armed with just a flashlight and the Poltergust 5000 vacuum, E.Gadd sends Luigi into the mansion to do his dirty work to find all the Dark Moon pieces that are scattered around the Mansion and surrounding buildings.

This game is killer detailed- From the cracks on the ceiling to the dust coated rooms, you can tell it was a labor of love from its creators.  Every single room has countless little things to discover, explore, and marvel at. The creepy music and occasional burst of thunder and lightning can keep you on your toes, if you’re like me and play in the wii (see what I did there) hours of the morning. And it’s funny too. Truly amusing corny jokes are made throughout the game- usually at poor Luigi's expense but nevertheless had me actually cracking up.  Its game play is fun- you use the vacuum to suck up the many collectables hidden around every corner. You use the Flashlight to stun one of the many personality filled Ghosts, getting that Ghost Buster-like feeling of accomplishment when you finally get them sucked up completely into the vacuum (I ain't afraid of no ghost), and use the Dark Light attachment to shine light on the many MANY secrets that hide away at every bend closet, toilet bed etc. around the houses.

     If you are one to obsess over collectibles, I don't know if I should tell you to get this game or to give it up! Finding all the hidden gems and boos in this game is amazingly difficult and to be honest I would take you out to lunch if you could do it the first time around. However it gives the game a high replay value because honestly I am not going to be happy until I reach a hundred percent.

     An added bonus is the extra online multiplayer game that focuses on getting through the mansion's floors (up to 25 levels) with your team and to collect as many ghosts as possible. Honestly I have been so obsessed with the main game I haven't really messed around with this yet- but again it gives you that added gameplay that will keep you going back to the game long after you beat it. I love a game with high replay value.

     What else can I say? Actually a lot - the puzzles you encounter are hardly repetitive (there is this dog you have to chase around about three times that was a tad annoying but I forgave them) giving you new challenges to conquer through each door.  Luigi's cowering and sighs of relieve never get old.  The Ghosts cracks me up, and the Boos with their insanely corny names are actually laugh out loud worthy. This game is the second one that I have played that really utilizes the 3D aspect of the console. You get the very real feeling that it was developed with the 3D in mind- instead of as an afterthought which really immerses you into the game.  The unique viewing ability helps you find all the secrets that those programmers tried so hard (and did a darn good job) to hide from us, and gives you a very awesome gaming experience.

     If there is only one game you can purchase in the near future, I highly recommend Luigi's Mansion. There is no possible way that you will regret it.

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