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Holy Mega Bloks Batman We Have Some Winners!

      Mega Bloks- WOW. That is all I could say as I walked through the show room at the New York Toy Fair! There was so much to see that there is no way I could possibly share it all with you. Suffice it to say- be on the look out for all things mega this year you will not regret it. But of course I did have my favorites and it is those I would like to share with you. First up First Builders. A building system that are targeted with toddlers and preschoolers in mind!
     These sets are bulky, fit perfectly into a preschoolers cute chubby little hand and hold no choking hazard! The Baby Barn Musical Farm is a great new set that includes 3 farm animals, block buddies, rolling tractor and has great interactive play. with swivel action, swinging doors, 20 blocks, and 12 farm songs and animal sounds you child will never tire of this small little world of wonder! Whats even better is the built in storage and carrying handle!

     My other favorite in this line was the Play n'go tea party (because how can anyone ever NOT like a tea party) this easy to pull purple wagon has a sparkling teapot, two teacups sparkling building plate try and 11 first builders block available this fall
      Both these lines are compatible with all the Mega Bloks first builders set that you can buy and let the imagination go wild!

  Also coming this fall in time for the new Thomas the Tank movie is Thomas and Percy's Brave quest play set! This set includes two buildable engines, Percy and Marion, Six track pieces  and over 85 pieces! A must have for the Mega Block Thomas lovers out there!

     Hello Kitty is celebrating a big birthday and Mega bloks is throwing the party this sets that are aimed for 6 and up are almost too cute for words! There is a water park that holds real water a yacht and my favorite the fun at the fair set! Set to come out this fall, I would plan on this being on your little Kitty's Christmas list!

   What I believe to be the best new addition to the Barbie Mega Bloks line is the Mega Bloks Barbie Rooms to Build set. This is basically a build your own dream house for children aged 4 and up! Each set comes with a room that includes a figurine and amazing accessories. They come in both regular Barbie (one standing on her own two feet, Mermaid Barbie and Fairy Barbie and can all be connected to create their very own Barbie Dream House!

      Coming in September 2014 is a whole new array of Skylanders themed play sets. Right there is all I have to say, because if your kid is as crazed with Skylanders as mine you know you will be running to the store to buy these great new sets.

     And now I have saved the two best for last. Finishing touches are now being put on what I think will be a huge hit for the line the Mega Bloks Furever Families!  This is a nature themed world that incorporates the wonderful building of Mega Bloks with an array of different textured fabrics, stickers, and "scrap booking" paper that completely transform the set to a magical world of both crafting and brick building! The little guys even have interchangeable furry tails! I am telling you this is going to be a HUGE hit!

     Heading over to the boys end of spectrum is the Mega Bloks KAPOW battling Blok Bots! These full buildable robot warriors have all the moves to knock your opponent's blok off! The  way you build your Robot will determine whether or not he will throw a jab or an upper cut and, but the best part is this is a fight to the finish! The first one to knock the other's head loose wins the battle!
Again my friends we have a winner! This too will be available in the fall!

     You may think that I have covered more girl items on the list then boys - and you would be right. You may think I am biased as a woman but the truth is I think it is much more important to make you aware of all the female lines that Mega Bloks have to offer. I myself didn't even know they had all these items available to the female persuasion until I saw the showroom! When you think of playing with any sort of building set you tend to think of it as a boys world. Well Mega Bloks has blown that thought out of my head with their great line and I look forward to buying some and playing around with all they have to offer!

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