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Hog Wild presents ZipStix! Here is our Review!

     "Prepare to Zip the competition" with Hog Wild's new toy ZipStix! Reminiscent of a 90's snap bracelet, you grab both ends of the Stix and flex into the "locked" position-you will hear a clicking sound.  Then align the hole in the ZipStix to the launcher with the logo facing up- that is important! Hold down the launcher, push down, and the ZipSitx will begin to curl and then launch! Challenge yourself or a friend to see who can crash the most cones, get their ZipStick to go the furthest, or see who will reach the finish line first!

     All of Hog Wild toys are great (need I remind you of the Popper); they all have an interactive attribute that gets kids excited about playing with them and the ZipStix is no different. Given a little bit of time and concentration you can make these guys fly and actually hold a real competition with your family,
friends, and evil siblings- er I mean just the regular kind of siblings. They come in  four different designs: Team Turbo, Team Zilla, Team Blaster, and Team Wild with a variety of ways to play. You can just launch these babies in the air, with the Starter Pack. The Dual Pack comes with 2 Zip Stix, cones for stunts (annnnd targets). The Stunt Pack comes with 2 zip sticks, 3 cones and a  kicker ramp. The Mega Pack gives you the most bang for your buck and is great with more than one child in the home. It gives you 6 Zip Stix, 2 launchers, 6 cones, a kicker ramp, and a quarter pipe ramp.

     These are great gifts to keep your little ones entertained indoors on rainy days. They are great to take outside and use your backyard's or local park's natural terrain to make even more elaborate courses, and great basket stuffers for this up and coming Easter!  I met the reps from Hog Wild during the New York Toy Fair and not only are they promoting great toys, they play with them- a lot. They all stand behind the toys they are promoting which lead to me wanting to be introduced to the brand. I am sure happy I did! I did receive these products for review purposes, but even if I didn’t I would suggest them for you and your family. They are uncomplicated, simple fun. There are no crazy lights or sounds, no beeps and talking back. They aren’t plastered onto a screen or used with a remote control. They are a good old fashioned toy that you use your hands to play with, you mind to figure out how to use it, and your imagination to make them into something so much bigger.

*** And guess what guys! We are going to have a giveaway coming to you with these products coming to YOU soon~ keep a look out! 

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