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Dino Supersaurus Superpower Coloring!

                                     Dino Supersaurus Superpower Coloring!
                                       Brought To You By Parragon Books

                            "It's a fight of good over evil in down-town New Dino City!"
     You get to follow along in this ultra-cool comic coloring book that combines everything my son loves- dinosaurs and superheroes, with everything I love- creativity and comic books, and gives your child a great experience!

     The Evil villain T-Rex is causing trouble and only the Supersaurouses can stop him! Doc, Steg, Terra, and Trix make up this league of good guys and together- along with the help of your little one- they will save the day!  The illustrations are just great, mixing in great detail with a cartoony feel and using a mix of pre-colored and coloring ready images on each page, letting your child’s creativity fill in the rest of the page. This not only keeps a prolonged interest in the book, but it also gives them a sense of accomplishment because without them the comic would be only half done! There are also various pages that have a hunt and find, where you child has to help the Supersaurous gang find certain objects they need. We love those- I mean who doesn’t. Reminded me of my Highlights days! The story itself introduces your child to an art that I fully support- comic book reading. In my eyes any way that you can get your child to participate and get excited in the written word is a good thing. It is a little bit difficult for a child to catch on to at a younger age- but can be so exciting for them once they learn! This is a great introductory into that genre and I love that they chose that style of writing to make this fully interactive reading experience.

     Wait! There is more!  It also includes a flip book that has two different "stories". It was funny because as a rebel teenage youth I used to make flip books out of everything, and it took me reviewing this book to realize that my son actually has never seen one. He was completely blown away and it led to us making our own- although less well drawn- flip book!

     So what do you think guys- did I like it? You betcha bottom dollar I did! *What exactly does that mean? Bottom dollar- is that dollar less valuable then the top one?  Jenny I think it means your last dollar -C Oh but I digress.  Dino Supersaurus Superpower Coloring! has a little bit of everything that is wonderful in this world  and I think you should run out and fill your child's Easter basket with one of these bad boys instead of a chocolate egg! 

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