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MOMMY REVIEW: Think Geek- Yeah They are Still Bringing The Awesome

   Oh Think Geek how I love you!  Even after meeting with the  "Undersecretary for the Ministry of Misinformation (actually written on his card, that he handed to me)  Steve, you still hold my heart. What you come out with is just truly amazing for all of nerdem. Whether 5 or 55 these new hits are going to be on your most wanted list or my name isn't MJ Aucone. (or is it?) *your name is a mystery to all of us -C


     First up the Technomancer. This is a Dungeon and Dragon playing, Magic the Card Gathering, Lord of the Rings Risk playing, Wizard wanna-be's new best friend. Oh yes that's right. With this hoodie you can scare all your foes away with lighting and sound effects. Through strategic movements your arms will light up, as will your hood, and mythical sound effects will be summoned by your command! Just think of it guys, now when you say YOU SHALL NOT PASS! in your most dramatic tone, you can will the sound effects and lighting to support your statement. Ranging somewhere over the $100 mark, this is a must have so start saving your pennies now. You don't want to be the only nerd on the board not to have one!
     Next up is the FPS Jacket. This my friends I must have. I know I say that a lot, and mind you that makes me sound pretty greedy-which I guess I am- this awesome jacket not only makes you look cool but comes with two, yes two, laser guns and laser sensors so that you can play laser tag WHERE EVER YOU ARE. No longer will I be the creepy woman in the elfin coat shooting at seven year-olds and yelling things that are not mommy guide approved. I can play when ever I want and with whoever I want and yeah I am talking to you punk kid down the block--YOU ARE GOING DOWN!  This retails for either $39.95 or $49.95 When I told Mr. Undersecretary that in this economy ten dollars does make a difference he said "yes it does" and moved on. So I guess we will have to find out the price the old fashioned way and go on the site. Never the less I want it I want it I want it!
     Rounding out my top three of new Think Geek products that I love is the R2D2 car charger. With full on sound effects, a rotating head and lights, it's just awesome enough to get you pulled over for not paying attention, or driving while engulfed with Star Wars. It plugs into the now useless cigarette lighter hole and holds two USB ports to plug in. When I asked if there was a regular two prong socket- I was told no--who uses those now a days anyway? Well Sir Undersecretary, I do. It's called a portable DVD player sir, and it runs on good old two prong goodness. However it will not stop me from buying this amazing star wars car charger and I am pretty sure it won't stop you from buying it as well.

  So thanks Think Geek for being awesome, sarcastic, and for pretty much making more things that I need to buy for every birthday, holiday, baptism and bris. (um every new born needs a Trekie onesie). My family will definitely be supporting one of your salaries this year for sure!

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