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Have Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape Help YOU Make Valentines!!!

     Every parent knows that the night of February 13th is spent at the kitchen table helping your kid create thoughtful Valentines to hand out to their class. This year, instead of the standard commercial card, help your little one craft an attention grabbing valentine with some help from Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape.
Deliever Your Love Notes In A Personal Way! 

Beautiful Flower Clip! How Amazing Is This!!

I Am Absolutely Doing This!  I Am In LOVE with This!
Learn How to Make This Art For Your Home! 

  There are so many other projects that you can do and its all available on Scotch Products Projects page! We will be doing our own Scotch Duct Tape Projects this week and will be sharing our progess! We would Love to see what projects you come up with on Twitter ( @TheMommysGuide ) or on Facebook!  Scotch The Mommy's Guide

                                                   More Information about Scotch Products

      "Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tapes feature on-trend, vibrant colors and detailed design. The tape applies smoothly and holds well – even on curved surfaces. The Scotch brand collection of colors & patterns enables crafters and creators to explore new ways of customizing the world around them – from personalizing fashion accessories such as purses and jewelry, to refreshing home décor items such as decorative vases and flowers, to individualizing unique cards and scrapbooks. The number of creative uses for our new color & pattern duct tape is limited only by your imagination. It's style that sticks!

                                            Bold and Bright On-Trend Colors
      Vibrant, colorful duct tapes from Scotch are now available in a variety of popular colors, perfect for making crafts, fashion accessories, home décor projects, repairs, scrapbooking and more.

                                           Patterns Inspired by Fashion Trends
     New pattern duct tapes from Scotch feature detailed designs, inspired by current fashion trends. There are a variety of patterns designed to fit any project.

                                        Expertly-Paired Combination Packages
      Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tapes are the only duct tapes sold in expertly paired coordinating combination packages that help take the guess work out of selecting the perfect colors and patterns for creating personalized DIY projects. Ten combination packages are now available, featuring smaller rolls of coordinating color and pattern tapes perfectly paired to inspire endless possibilities.

                                                         Product Information
        Vibrant colors, on-trend patterns and combination packages are now available from Scotch
  Pricing: $3.47 – $4.99 for rolls and $4.49 – $5.29 for combination packs
Available at Target, Orchard Supply Hardware, Office Depot®, Kmart®, Lowe’s®, Meijer®, Fred Meyer® and BJ’s.  Look for Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tapes in the hardware section at some of these retailers

                                           Recommended applications
      Create a purse or bag that holds its own wherever you go. Repair a beloved comfy chair or get a few more miles out of your car’s interior. Bedazzle your wardrobe with one-of-a-kind jewelry. The number of creative uses for multi-purpose duct tape is limited only by your imagination. Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tapes are ideal for a variety of projects, including: 
·         Fashion accessories: earrings, belts, purses, headbands, bows


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